T-shirt or spaghetti?

T-shirt or spaghetti?

Each time the cold weather sets in, I’m inspired to knit something. I’ll do a separate post with the projects I currently have on the go. Off the top of my head I have about six projects on. Help. I think I may have too many. I tend to switch between each project depending on how mobile I am on a particular day. Nothing is worse than bringing 10 billion balls of yarn onto the train. I’m so looking forward to receiving the yarn winder I ordered.

T-shirt yarn (aka spaghetti yarn) has been on my radar for a little while now, but I haven’t brought myself to take the plunge. I stocked up on some t-shirt yarn at the last Lincraft sale, where giant balls were 50% off and as low as $4 each. I made a small planter out of yarn which I gifted to someone.  Not too dissimilar to this planter tutorial from Wool and the Gang.

Jeans planter from Wool and the Gang

Now I yarn yearn for more. Sorry I couldn’t resist.

I’m thinking of whipping up one of those cute floor rug weavings that are very much in at the moment, but I’m not sure how slippery it would be on tiling and wooden floor boards. I also worry that they’ll only be trendy for a short time. I imagine with a larger gauge they’d work up super quick and easy. I like this tutorial from My World of Wool.

trapillo alfombra (25)
Rug tutorial from My World of Wool

I love all things kitschy, and this macrame planter is calling out to me. I made some out of fluorescent builders rope, and it looks fab. I had never thought to experiment with yarn instead. Find the tutorial for this planter at the Clover USA blog.

A neat woven plant holder from the Clover USA blog

There are so many fantastic yarn colours out at Lincraft at the moment. Unfortunately no longer half price, but still as steal for $8 bucks for a large skein. After I pick which project I want to do first, the next problem will be deciding the colour!


Manicure: Gold tape nail art stripes

Manicure: Gold tape nail art stripes

Summer is most definitely in full swing in Sydney today. Except for the mornings and evenings where it goes as low as 10 degrees. Which I (nor my wardrobe) don’t fully comprehend. I’ve been noticing my nail polish colour choice gradually go from dark purples and blues, to pastels and shiny metallic shades. I much prefer summer to winter, probably because its easier to escape the heat into air conditioning than to find a place that has adequate heating.

But I digress. My latest nail adventures involve tape. I got a whole lot of striping tape in a load of different metallic colours for cheap off eBay. It came with a milky white one that I don’t use often, so I decided to use it and try my hand at some tape nail art.

Gold stripe nail art

I used a gold base colour polish Bys Midas Touch, topped with my go-to nude polish, OPI Tickle my Francey.

Gold nail tape art

OPI Gold and nude nail art

Here are some tips I discovered along the way for tape nail art:

  • Make the tape less tacky by sticking it on your hand first before placing it on your nail. This ensures that it doesn’t bring up the last layer of polish you lay down when you peel the tape off of your nail!
  • I’ve read a lot of different tips out there, but personally after I stick on the tape, I put on a thin (but runny) layer of polish on and peel the tape immediately to ensure crisp lines.
  • Tweezers are extremely useful for picking up edges of tape whilst your nails are still wet.
  • Have fun and experiment with different tape shapes and sizes!
DIY Vintage Crafts Round Up

DIY Vintage Crafts Round Up

I enjoy making things and all things DIY. Getting hands on and crafty is what I enjoy most. I spend much of my time browsing art and design blogs that more often than not contain step by step instructions on creating your own little knick knacks. There are so many great ideas out there, and I’m all for making the world a prettier place. All of those why-didn’t-I-think-of-this-earlier moments come up when you realise how simple and easy it is to create something lovely. Here are some of the DIY instructions I’ve been inspired by lately.

I love the colours of this vintage-looking needlepoint purse. This tutorial by Danielle Thompson can be found on Craftzine. She has used such cheery colours. There is something about repetitive patterns and shapes that intrigue and draw me in.

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