Taking stock: December 2017

Taking stock: December 2017

I’ve spotted these ‘taking stock’ posts (first seen at Meet Me at Mike’s) around the place. I haven’t taken part in it before, but being the end of year and feeling all 懐かしい (find the meaning here) I decided to take some time out and declutter my brain. I don’t know about you but I don’t really make any new year’s resolutions either. I like to think I just go with the flow. 

December has been a blur of constructing greeting cards, wrapping presents and just general life. We purchased an apartment off the plan and now it’s coming to completion, it feels as if there are a billion and one things on the list that never, ever seems to get shorter.


Making: A bunch of knitted Christmas gifts. I can’t reveal what they are just yet, but I thought I had started early on these. Turns out not early enough. I’m making a mental note for next year to start earlier if I want to go down this path again.

Cooking: Over the weekend we had a dinner party with some friends, on the menu were marinated chicken wings, roast pork, veggies, lasagne and a hummingbird cake. So good.

Drinking: Copious amounts of water. Sydney weather is forecast to be in the high thirties, so staying hydrated with my fancy new Memo Bottle.

Reading: Classic Style by Kate Schelter. Well really I’m admiring the pretty watercolour illustrations that accompany minimal living.

Next read: There isn’t anything on my list at the moment, but I’m really into biographies these days. I recently finished reading a book by Yeonmi Park, a North Korean defector.

Wanting: Time off work. It can’t come soon enough. I thought this time of year would be winding down, but nope. It’s all gogogogo.

Looking: For my next craft on-the-go project. I like having something to do on my (short) train ride into work.

Playing: A really interesting YouTube video on why people are awkward. See here.

Deciding: On which phone to purchase next. Tossing up the X or the Pixel. Both have their pros and cons but I am running out of time and need a new phone, stat.

Wishing: For the Sydney weather to show some mercy for the Christmas break.

Enjoying: The prospect of having 2 weeks off work. No meetings. No phone calls.  No emails. Yes.

Waiting: For this day to be over. Meetings hurt my head.

Liking: This taking stock process. It is forcing me to reflect back on myself and what I’ve achieved this past few weeks.

Wondering: If I’ll do this more regularly. It feels quite therapeutic.

Loving: A giant therapeutic stuffed bear I bought from MiniSo the other day. He sits on my bed and looks super cute.

Pondering: How many questions are left on this thing?

Considering: Finishing this later, I’m running out of steam here. Hah.

Buying: Nothing really, I’m trying to stay away from the shops these last few days. I hate hate hate the holiday crowds.

Watching: Brooklyn, starring Saoirse Ronan. I’ve been meaning to watch it since it came out, and got super excited when I spied it whilst browsing SBS on Demand last night.

Next watch: The OA on Netflix. It stars Emory Cohen who starred in the previously mentioned Brooklyn.

Hoping: The lead up to Christmas would slow down a little. I love this time of year. Being able to enjoy festive food and celebrate non-stop!

Marvelling: At all the Christmas lights in my neighbourhood. I love it.

Cringing: All of the vloggers clutching at straws for vlogmas. Taylor R started her viral Christmas tree eyebrow trend the other week.

Needing: Coffee. All. The. Time.

Questioning: Whether I want to redo the layout of this blog.

Smelling: Wild Bluebells from Jo Malone. Loving this scent for summer. It is just so floral and fruity at the same time.

Wearing: Dresses and skirts. Aforementioned heat has dictated it be so.

Following: A bunch of JVLOGGERS. I’m getting obsessed with Japan all over again in preparation for my next trip and I’m SO EXCITED.

Noticing: The ladies that wear slippers to work. Is that appropriate in a corporate environment?

Knowing: There are only 5 days to Christmas. Eep!

Thinking: About how much there is left to do before Christmas! Double eep!

Admiring: How creative some people are getting with wrapping their Christmas pressies.

Sorting: Through life.

Getting: Antsy.

Bookmarking: I’ve been pinning loads of homeware and furnishing ideas lately.

Coveting: A capsule wardrobe. But I like things too much and that will never, ever happen. A gal can dream.

Disliking: Jake Gyllenhaal in Enemy. I really admire Jake as an actor, but this movie did not do him any favours.

Opening: The Hey! VINA app on my phone – I love finding (platonic) friends to match with on the app, but I’m so terrible at

Giggling: Not really.

Feeling: Like I really need to go to the bathroom after drinking aforementioned copious amounts of water to get through this heatwave.

Snacking: ThinkFood Munch snacks. I love the entire range but almond trail is probably my go-to right now.

Hearing: Sia’s Christmas album (on repeat) – after seeing her in concert the other week, she has pretty much dominated my playlist.

My life in five paragraphs

My life in five paragraphs

My life is really a non-event these days. So apologies for the paragraphs of mundane text. The highlight of my week has got to be making my iPad a secondary screen for my MacBook Pro. It isn’t the best (as I don’t have a retina display, only an iPad 2) but it is useful enough for those times when I’m out and about and need a second screen for when I’m doing some light design work.

On the plus side, I’ve discovered a place near my work that does coffee happy hour between 10:00-11:00 am in the morning. I usually get coffee with soy milk – which is normally a 50 cent surcharge at most places. Anywhere that does it for under is a bargain.

I think I’m becoming more cynical as I grow older. And I’m not really doing it consciously. I’m a bit over things in my life and can’t really be bothered fretting over it as much as I would normally do. Is anyone else noticing this as they get older? I guess maybe I’m realising that things aren’t as important as they used to be.

The Bachelor Australia was abysmal to watch. That said, I’m a little ashamed to admit that I enjoyed it. It was cheap entertainment and I will probably keep watching for a few episodes yet. I still much prefer the American version, although it has waned quite a bit since it first started (as with all reality series).

I got a random email asking me to quote them on the price of a 3-tier cake with butter icing and yellow roses. This is amusing as I’ve never really baked many cakes (other than the odd layer cake here and there). I’m no professional baker by any means. I’m pretty sure they have the wrong person. Oh and for reference, here’s the photo of the cake they wanted me to copy. Umm. What?


Mish mash of thoughts + SUMMER IS HERE!

Mish mash of thoughts + SUMMER IS HERE!

Have you ever walked past someone who looks oddly similar to someone you know? But then you realise that they look like an older version of someone you know? Call me crazy, but I feel as though I’ve experienced it a bunch of times lately. Random thought. Now back to our regular schedule.

The weather yesterday was absolutely nutty. It was sunny and hot in the morning, and a complete deluge by 5pm. The rain around my building was in fact going sideways and even upwards. An umbrella would have been useless. A bunch of people stood there at the door just watching the rain pass. Unlucky for me, the trains weren’t running. Or well. They were, but super delayed and very intermittently. It seemed like tropical equator-like weather.

The taste of summer was lovely. I can’t wait for sunny days by the beach with ice cold beer + fish and chips. These photos were taken last summer at Watsons Bay. Doyles have the best battered fish in my opinion.

Summer beach days

I’ve switched the heater for an electric fan which is humming away, spreading a cool breeze much to my relief. In a way I’m looking forward to summer. Sculptures by the Sea has begun, and I can’t wait to go for a visit.

I need to get me a Moleskine for next year. Or a diary of some sort. Calendars have popped up in those little stalls you find at the supermarket. It is that transitional time of the year where you start preparing for the next. I’m finding years go by much quicker now than when I was in school. Why is that?

Monday Musings

Monday Musings

Seagull at Opera Bar
  • That’s right Mr. Seagull. You best walk away. This was taken last Friday on a lovely Spring evening at the Opera Bar by the Opera House. Its times like these I feel super lucky to be living in such an amazing city.
  • I find it bizarre that it takes me up to an hour to sip my cup of coffee. I can’t really explain it. I can’t gulp down coffee. I suppose I like to savour it? I just don’t understand why people charge extra for soy milk. It really isn’t my fault my stomach developed an intolerance for lactose.
  • I watched Contagion yesterday. Despite the star-studded cast, I’m not really certain what I want to make from the movie. Needless to say, I’m a little freaked out and carry slash use my hand sanitiser religiously. At least I’m now clear about the difference between an epidemic and a pandemic.
  • This whole Halloween thing is going a bit over my head. We don’t celebrate it here in Australia, yet my mother went out and bought a plastic pumpkin face bucket from the two dollar store. She reasons that we had kids walking down the street in costume last year, so we must serve them candy from this pumpkin bucket this year. (What?)
  • I have a thing for Cambridge satchels (from the Cambridge Satchel Company) and the plethora of rainbow colours they come in. I don’t however, like the fact that to open slash close them, you need to do up buckles. I see this to be time consuming and completely inpractical from me. Especially since I’ve become used to my open LV Neverfull Damier.
Cambridge Satchel Company