My ever growing plant collection

My ever growing plant collection

My love for indoor plants has grown immensely these last few months (as it has with the rest of the internet). I like to think that I was always into plants. But the fact that I now live in what essentially is a greenhouse, I’ve been inclined to spread my plant collector wings.



I visited the annual Collector’s Plant Fair the other week out at Clarendon, and it was everything I could dream of and more. Any plant you wanted, it was there. Albeit at a price. It was a sunny Autumn day. If you get the chance to go, I’d definitely recommend it. Of course now that I reflect on the day I wish I had picked up a couple more plants, but realistically I don’t think I can care for any more than I currently have in my collection.




I have multiple vining plants that are in dire need of a prune and some attention. Not to mention the different watering schedules that I must adhere to. I’m still figuring out where the best location is for certain species. It’s a fun game.

I ticked a few things off my wishlist. Some common varieties like the string of pearls (which I bought to replace one that died of my overwatering) to the not-so-common, like the pitcher plants.

  • A begonia albo-picta (can’t go past the cute polka dots)
  • An alocasia zebrina (I’m a sucker for alocasia in general)
  • Tassel fern (ugh ded, this was one of my unicorns)
  • 2 different species of nepenthes (I’ve been longing for one of these so much!)
  • Hellebore (impulse buy, oops)
  • String of pearls


Not a bad plant haul. They were great value for money and pretty healthy overall. I had to repot the alocasia and hellebore straight away since their roots were bursing out of the pot. Here’s to hoping my nepenthes will survive!




My perfect ankle boot

My perfect ankle boot

I’ve been on the hunt for an every day ankle boot to suit my work wardrobe. Which means, it needs to be black, leather and flat. I’ve wanted an elegant looking one with a bit of character for a while now. All the boots these days seem to have that chunky Cuban heel, which has it’s own place and time.

I went into Midas the other day (my current fave shoe brand – I swear all of their shoes are super duper comfy). I managed to find a design I really loved. Round toe, deep side slit, textured/smooth leather. Love it.

Midas Goody ankle boot

I ummed and ahhed over sizes, I fit snuggly into one size (without a thick sock), but also fit into a size up a little more loosely. I decided on the tighter fit – I figure I’ll wear the ankle boots with dresses + stockings so would want to pad them out less rather than more. If that makes sense.

I need to waterproof them still! I want to know, do you have a go-to brand for shoes?

Weekend brunching

Weekend brunching

Hopefully Sydney-siders are surviving the deluge today. It really seems like a little bit of rain makes everyone cray-cray. Just on the train this morning this guy was shaking off his wet brolly in the aisle leaving the floor soaked. My questions is, one wouldn’t do this INSIDE AT HOME, so why would you do it INSIDE A TRAIN? Honestly. /end rant.

I made the most of the sunshine this weekend and went out for some brunch at Mecca. I’m a sucker for their coffee and their grain bowls, but find not much variety otherwise. Otherwise I like to dropping by just for the interiors and the flora. They always have such interesting blooms to decorate their space.


I paid a visit to Mecca on the weekend as H was craving some fried chicken and discovered they had updated their menu with an all day breakfast. Helloooo late brunch. Opting for some scrambled eggs and smoked hash browns (read: more of a rosti) I didn’t leave disappointed.


Obvi went for the coffee as well. The hash browns were crisp and crunchy on the outside, and soft and deliciously tasty on the inside. Definitely will be back for more.

Recent crafty endeavours

Recent crafty endeavours

I’ve definitely dropped off the face of the blogging-planet. I can’t even remember what my last post is about. Probably something about how I don’t blog as often as I’d like. I love blogging as an outlet for my thoughts – possibly because I always wanted to have a paper diary but never got around to it.

I started pottery classes a few weeks ago. I only enrolled to do one term but I’m loving it so far. I’ve had some hits and some misses, but it’s just fun to meet new people (as much as I say I hate it – hi introversion!) and get messy! I spent last class playing with underglaze.

Pottery painting

Last week, I welcomed a new niece and she’s the most adorable squishy thing ever. Plus she is so tiny. Plus she has that mystical new baby smell that I thought was something new mums made up because they loved their babies so much. In conclusion she smells amazing.

I’m dreading how cold winter will get this year. This morning I found myself shivering in my thick winter coat and wooly hat. It’s only autumn. :| I was even contemplating whipping out the gloves and the boots, but I held off. It’s becoming harder and harder to get out of bed in the mornings. I really don’t like winter.

I’m obsessed with my Cricut. H travelled to the USA for work a few months ago and  brought me back a Cricut machine. They retail for 500+ in Australia so I was never going to get one here. Basically it’s a printer that cuts instead of inks. If you’re still confused there are plenty of videos on YouTube ;) I made some gem stone table placeholders for a recent dinner party.

Gem place holder

Here we go again

Here we go again

Past midnight on a school night no less, and I’m wide awake. I was baking chocolate chip cookies for work tomorrow, oops. Although this time to reflect got me thinking about how I haven’t blogged in a long, long time. I’ve since purchased a new camera that I took along to the Growers Markets earlier this month. Nothing that exciting, but just getting myself used to the different way the settings are laid out.


I really like bonsai trees – and I’ve been curious as to whether I’d be able to sustain one for the long term. But, I’m not really confident right now. I can barely keep my succulents alive.


I haven’t really been out to many Good Food Month events. The one I did go to was at Flying Fish when they had their crab shack night. All the tables were coated in paper, and crabs were sold by the kilo at market price. They had truffle mac and cheese on the menu and let me just say that I don’t regret a thing.Giant G+T's Pretty fairy lights Pinchy!

Pinchy made a surprise appearance on our table. I wanted to take him home, but he had a job to do at the crab shack. I had to get the full experience and chose some San Francisco steam beer to go with dinner that night.The lightsIn conclusion, I’m digging this new camera. It takes pretty night shots.

Playing catch ups

Playing catch ups

I’ve been distracted hauling out the contents of my wardrobe, closely reviewing what stays and what goes. I’ve found a couple of pairs of shoes (brand new!) that need to go on eBay ASAP. If you’re a 5-5.5 you’re definitely in luck. Now to get around to taking some photos and posting them up.

Anyway. I thought these photos from last month’s Vivid Festival needed to be posted up. I didn’t get a good chance to explore all I had wanted. The turn out this year was just cray-cray! Even on the cold, blustery week days the streets of Sydney were full of people ogling at the pretty bright lights.

My friends and I decided to make a night of it, dining at the Bridge Room (which I had been itching to try for a while now) before wandering around Circular Quay and The Rocks area to see the city all lit up.

Vivid SydneyVivid Sydney Vivid Sydney

There was a couple of interactive ‘dance floor’ pieces that were a crowd favourite. The one above changed in response to the number of people standing on the circles. Magical in the night.

Vivid SydneyVivid SydneyVivid Sydney
Love geometric gems. Hidden in the laneways in The Rocks. It really was a complete joy to walk through the lanes discovering these little gems!Vivid SydneyVivid SydneyVivid Sydney Vivid SydneyI hope you got to hop along to the Vivid Festival before it ended!


My Asia haul + misc

My Asia haul + misc

Asia haul

So I haven’t yet gotten around to editing those photos from my trip, but I did take a shot of some of the haul I took home. Note this isn’t all for me. Naturally it included a tonne of nail polish, duty-free make up buys and a bunch of stationery. Most of the stuff is sitting in a box on my dresser. I need to get around to organising it and putting it away.

I have been toying with the idea of a leather pencil skirt, and because I’m still in experimental mode, I went and got a pleather Zara pencil skirt. I was lusting over it in Asia, but the BF said no. I found myself in the new Sydney Zara store (holy large batman) and I bought it on impulse. Love it though.

Well since this has become an entirely materialistic post, let me say how much I am loving Mix Apparel. I stumbled on it yesterday whilst meandering through an outer-Sydney Coles. I bought some lounge pants (2 for $20 – how could I say no?). Long story short, I ended up buying two more pairs because they are just the comfiest things ever.

Mix Apparel

Love the pants, not so much the “action” shots.