My perfect ankle boot

My perfect ankle boot

I’ve been on the hunt for an every day ankle boot to suit my work wardrobe. Which means, it needs to be black, leather and flat. I’ve wanted an elegant looking one with a bit of character for a while now. All the boots these days seem to have that chunky Cuban heel, which has it’s own place and time.

I went into Midas the other day (my current fave shoe brand – I swear all of their shoes are super duper comfy). I managed to find a design I really loved. Round toe, deep side slit, textured/smooth leather. Love it.

Midas Goody ankle boot

I ummed and ahhed over sizes, I fit snuggly into one size (without a thick sock), but also fit into a size up a little more loosely. I decided on the tighter fit – I figure I’ll wear the ankle boots with dresses + stockings so would want to pad them out less rather than more. If that makes sense.

I need to waterproof them still! I want to know, do you have a go-to brand for shoes?

Accidental shoe shopping

Accidental shoe shopping

I’ll confess. The other morning when I was on the train to work, three Vietnamese ladies came on board, chattering about something (I’m not Vietnamese, so I wouldn’t know). One of them took out a David Jones bag, and pulled out a shiny gold Oroton box. I had to take a covert shot to remember the pretty booties.


Another inspected its contents – a pair of pretty tan boots. A little online sleuthing later that day discovered they were the Supreme boots. I noted the price on the box, $445. Then I spotted the mark down sticker on the shoe. $99.

Yes. Just $99.

So I quickly made a mental note to visit David Jones later that day. Probably a bad thing. As I ended up with two pairs of shoes. Granted they both had a leather sole, lining and upper.

Later that evening I went up to the shoe level of DJ’s and it was shoe-heaven. Tables filled with all sorts of shoes. Flats, heels, boots, sandals. I suppose it is mid-season and the transition period is beginning.



Unfortunately I didn’t find any Oroton boots in my size. I did walk away with two pairs of heels though. One set of Milana booties ($89 down from $300), leather upper, sole and lining, and the second a pair of Robert Robert heels ($49 down from $200). Orchid purple suede heels with patent black cap toes, also leather upper, sole and lining.  I think they will be good work staples. I really couldn’t believe how much they were marked down!

Please excuse the iPhone photo quality. I still need to waterproof these… But maybe they will come out a little closer to winter.


Have you found any great bargains in the mid season sales? Would love to hear about them!

What can I say, I like shopping.

What can I say, I like shopping.

This month has definitely been one of frivolous spending. I blame all the sales and bargains that have apparated since Boxing day last year. I never need any of the stuff I buy. More want over anything else. Oh well. Frivolity wins at the end of the day. I suppose it doesn’t help that I keep finding out about the sales on emails and forums that I frequent.

This weekend I meandered over to the Peep Toe warehouse / moving sale. I knew exactly what I was on the hunt for: a pair of basic nude heels for work. I have I found a pair marked down to less than half price. Bargain #1.

Peep Toe

There were tables and tables of sandals, platforms, heels, everything. All marked down as low as $25. But I stayed well away. I have enough fashion shoes to last me a year or so. I just have to get around to waterproofing them before I can wear them out.

I also managed to score a couple of metallic skinny leather belts for cheap on Asos. The ones that come with dresses by default are always those flimsy polyurethane ones that break when you wear them once, so I think that these will come in handy. They work well to add some shape to an otherwise sack-of-a-dress, and go with my peplum tops too. I got two skinny leather belts in gold and silver for $8. Bargain #2.

Asos leather belts

A couple of weekends ago I chanced upon a Marcs / Jigsaw pop up sale in Alexandria whilst driving by. Most of the stuff was gone, but I still managed to score two petticoat style skirts in red and black for $5 each. Not the best photo of the skirts. Taken on the iPhone. I’m not sure whether I’ll actually wear them under dresses, but hey. Bargain #3.

Jigsaw tulle skirts

I was eyeing a pair of black Lixin wedges from Tony Bianco during their mark down sale. They’re a wood stacked wedges about 3 inches high. I have a pair in brown so I know they’re comfy and fit well. I’d been eyeing these for a few years now since I spotted Nicole Richie wearing a similar looking Christian Louboutin pair (as per the image below via JustJared). Ideal for dressing up or down. I was pining for basic black leather ones.


It was listed at $90, but I wanted to hold out for a discount code, so I held off. Then my size sold out. But good thing it did, because a few days later, I spotted them in my size on eBay and nabbed them for a cool $60 with postage. Bargain #4.


Have you scored any great bargains lately? I’d love to hear about them!

My obsession with patent

My obsession with patent

My first pair of patent flats were from Bloch. I had gotten them in hot pink for a steal in David Jones (in Canberra of all places) for a cool $30. These all-leather flats are *super* comfortable and so versatile. I’m the type of girl to wear a lot of black and white, so these provided a little extra something to an otherwise plain and basic outfit.

Bloch hot pink patent ballet flatsAnyway. I found the exact ballerina style in a different colour at David Jones in Sydney during the Boxing Day sales. I was so tempted by them as they were a deep jewel navy colour. Unfortunately they were a touch too big for me, and they were $90. If they were cheaper I might have considered putting insoles in, but when I knew I had gotten them for $30 not so long ago, I just couldn’t do it. Anyway. Here is a what-could-have-been photo.

Bloch navy patent flats

Anyway. Fast forward to today. I had a lunch time free to roam around Westfield Sydney. Bad for girls with money. Let me tell you. I usually steer clear of Sambag as they’re notorious for being over $200 for a pair. I’ve always adored them though as they have some unique styles that are all-leather. I like how leather moulds to your foot. Anyway. I spied the sales section, and there were these jewel toned flats on sale for $54. Now who could say no to that?

Sambag patent flatsIf you follow me on Instagram, thank you for helping me decide on one of the colours ;) More shots of my purchases to come.