Patterns galore

Patterns galore

Let me just start off saying the rain today was insane. It was definitely a gumboots sorta day. I contemplated taking a bus from the city but the rain had eased to a light sprinkle by the time I had arrived. CRAZY.

So having worn solid blocks of colour for most of my life, I find myself lusting over patterns and reaching for them more often these days. One of my favourite jumpers in my regular winter rotation is a J.Crew polka dot and stripe little number. Now let’s make it clear, I’m on window shopping mode O-N-L-Y! :)

I saw this Portmans stripe skirt and top ensemble on one of their marketing advertisements and fell in love with the entire outfit. I adore the off the shoulder top. Girly without being too girly. If it were summer, and if I could pull off crop tops, I’d be all over this.


Continuing with the stripe theme, this Country Road stripe top intrigues me. I love the bold/fine line contrast. I’m always struggling to find pretty looking long sleeve tops for winter.


And my other favourite pattern of the moment – floral. I can’t go past a bold, floral print. The tangerine in this Cue dress makes it all the more special, and it just scream spring. Anything sparkly or material with a slight sheen always seems to capture my undivided attention.

Cue floral dress

And finally just for fun, this flirty neon Gorman skirt will bring life back to your monochromatic office wear. I love how it looks completely different up close to how it appears from afar. Plus it’s lilac, and I love all shades of purple.


My introduction to J. Crew

My introduction to J. Crew

US brands are becoming much more accessible with the advent of parcel forwarders. A few months ago, I put together a large haul of stuff, and happened to do some window shopping on the J. Crew website. You really have to wait around for the sales to be good at J. Crew. But when they’re good. They’re really good.

My choices included a few shirts (some from the girls’ department – OOPS). Oh and a one piece swim suit for my upcoming trip! I’m so excited. Anyway. They had another sale up yesterday and I couldn’t resist doing a bit of window shopping. No purchasing for me this time. I’m supposedly on a spending ban. Ahem.

j crew

one. A cute and colourful diamond stripe scarf (AU$73.50).

two. I adore sparkly statement necklaces like this crystal floral garland necklace (AU$130.70).

three. The Saint James for J. Crew Shrunken tee (AU$89.19) is perfect for spring days.

four. A Liberty of London printed pouch (AU$43.00)- I love the  colours and playful patterns.

five. A pencil skirt in pinwheel eyelet (AU$103.90)- feminine and classic.

What have you bought from J. Crew lately?

My redeeming grace(s)

My redeeming grace(s)

I’m struggling to keep my head above water at the moment. I’m essentially procrastinating as I type this, but a girl’s gotta have an outlet. I can never imagine what it is like to be busy when I’m idle. If that makes any sense whatsoever. I’m quite thankful to be busy – it’s always good to keep your mind occupied and have deadlines and targets to aspire to. I must remember to keep drinking water though. Being busy often causes me to skip the essentials.

Two things that did keep me relatively sane today are my current manicure (spots, stripes and florals) + my bright blue Ant that I brought in with me today. I rarely have green mani’s so it was a nice refreshing change. Not sure about the red flowers though. I might change that soon. I generally don’t bring the Ant with me to work, but I felt like a bit of colour in my outfit.


On the food front, I popped by Lorraine’s Patisserie today to try a pie. It was lovely and delicious and flakey. The beef pie is more tomato-ey than gravy-ey as H pointed out, but I still really enjoyed it. It was a teensy bit on the oily side, but it made up for it in taste. I also went to Sassy Red earlier in the week for nasi lemak. I think this I’m OD’ing a bit on the comfort food this week.


Anyway, I hope everyone’s week is a bit saner than mine is at the moment!

Manicure: Gold tape nail art stripes

Manicure: Gold tape nail art stripes

Summer is most definitely in full swing in Sydney today. Except for the mornings and evenings where it goes as low as 10 degrees. Which I (nor my wardrobe) don’t fully comprehend. I’ve been noticing my nail polish colour choice gradually go from dark purples and blues, to pastels and shiny metallic shades. I much prefer summer to winter, probably because its easier to escape the heat into air conditioning than to find a place that has adequate heating.

But I digress. My latest nail adventures involve tape. I got a whole lot of striping tape in a load of different metallic colours for cheap off eBay. It came with a milky white one that I don’t use often, so I decided to use it and try my hand at some tape nail art.

Gold stripe nail art

I used a gold base colour polish Bys Midas Touch, topped with my go-to nude polish, OPI Tickle my Francey.

Gold nail tape art

OPI Gold and nude nail art

Here are some tips I discovered along the way for tape nail art:

  • Make the tape less tacky by sticking it on your hand first before placing it on your nail. This ensures that it doesn’t bring up the last layer of polish you lay down when you peel the tape off of your nail!
  • I’ve read a lot of different tips out there, but personally after I stick on the tape, I put on a thin (but runny) layer of polish on and peel the tape immediately to ensure crisp lines.
  • Tweezers are extremely useful for picking up edges of tape whilst your nails are still wet.
  • Have fun and experiment with different tape shapes and sizes!
Manicure: Stripes on my nails

Manicure: Stripes on my nails

I put a duo chrome purple on my nails last week. I thought I better enjoy the duo chrome for a while, and tried to leave it alone. I eventually got bored of it. I can’t stand plain nails any more. I don’t think it is a good thing, as it is a highly time consuming exercise. That said, I’m probably quicker at stamping, and doing my nails now than I was when I first started. But still. I decided I’d preserve the Ozotic duo chrome, and added a pink stripe over the top. I used a layer of OPI’s Grand Canyon Sunset and finished with Seche Vite.

Please excuse the quality of the photos. This week has been incredibly lazy for me and my editing skill have seemingly gone out the window. More photos after the jump.

Purple duo chrome

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Sparkly sequin shirts

Sparkly sequin shirts

I’m developing a thing for sequins. Usually something I’d steer clear of, it is now enticing me with its sparkly goodness. I own a few sequin pieces, mostly shirts and a couple of dresses. I’ve not yet been game to get sequin blazers or skirts! I just love how it is versatile enough to take you from day to night with some jewellery or a nice pair of heels.

Sequin Shirts

From left to right, top to bottom:
one. Aryn K Sequin Sheer Blouse in Pink
This reminds me of fun bubbles. I love neutral colours at the moment!

two. Antik Batik Red Victoria Tee
I love how it combines stripes and brights AND sequins into one trendy shirt.

three. Gryphon New York Sequin Sweatshirt
This is a more laid back use of sequins. It looks so slouchy and comfortable.

four. Stella McCartney Hanging Sequin Sweatshirt
This one has a more resort feel to it. Perfect for weekend wear!