Rifle Paper Co sale on Notemaker

Rifle Paper Co sale on Notemaker

I’ve been a long time admirer of Rifle Paper Co – I’ve seen some custom illustrations that are nothing short of adorable! Notemaker has a flash sale on all Rifle Paper Co stationery at the moment and I have my eye on a couple of bits and pieces. I would love to get some blank cards to frame, although I’m afraid I have very little wallspace left to hang anything up. Maybe for now it will just be looky-lou only!


Not that I’m engaged, but this card is so sweet. Such a cute idea for pulling together your super special bridal party. The colour combinations are always spot on and I love the overall aesthetic of their illustrations.


Paris will always have my heart. This would be a perfect candidate to frame and put next to some of the snapshots I have from France. Reminder to self: print out European trip photos!

Check out the sale here.

Calendar talk

Calendar talk

For two years straight, at the beginning of each year I would buy a Frankie calendar to stick up on my wall. Then last year I waited too late and they sold out before I could get my hands on one. I decided I was over calendars and the tedious exercise that it was to flip over the months as they went past.

Then yesterday during my lunch time stroll through Westfield, I noticed Frankie diaries and calendars on sale at 25% off. With only one calendar left, I knew it was a sign to get one. If you’re still looking for a diary, there are still a bunch of them available from The Lucky Charm newsagent in Sydney Westfield!

I did in fact have a short list of calendars that I had at the end of last year in anticipation of potentially purchasing one for 2014. It probably is a bit late to post about them now, but, I like me some designer eye candy.


Love these floral yearly calendars. The black contrast [left] just really stands out, and what a great idea to frame a pretty blooming calendar [right].


I have a soft spot for little feathered friends [left], and gorgeous little geometric botanical designs [right].

il_570xN.504888716_m8nhThis last one is another a pretty floral print, available on Etsy. The artist advertises the versatility of being able to remove the calendar portion and retaining the top for a lovely art print after the year is done.

How do you feel about calendars? Do you have one for this year? Would love to see what you guys have up on the wall!

Ikea paper shop

Ikea paper shop

I saw a preview of the Ikea paper shop on the Decor8 Blog the other day. Needless to say I’m pretty excited and I  hopehopehope HOPE it comes downunder. Surely it has to. Right? So far it is available in the UK + Sweden.

There are some great colour and patterns in the range. I don’t even know where to start with what I want. I’m a bit reluctant with getting non-original washi tape (I’ve had some bad experience with them not sticking nicely in the past), but I’d definitely check out the rest of their stationery. I’ve been told I have enough, but really, when is enough ever enough.

Here are some bits and pieces that I thought were particularly noteworthy. The paper shop spans notebooks, gift wrapping, note paper, ribbons and more!

Ikea paper shop

Please tell me I’m not the only crazy stationery freak out here?

Hand drawn thank you’s

Hand drawn thank you’s

I’m a sucker for typography. Even prettier when it is done by hand. I like these thank you cards in all their hand drawn glory. They are printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper and paired with a recycled kraft paper envelope. I only wish I could do typograpy by hand as lovely as this!

4.25″ x 5.5″ (A2)
6 cards: 100% post consumer recycled paper
6 envelopes: 30% post consumer recycled kraft paper

via Pawling Print Studio.

Thank You Cards

I really like my stationery

I really like my stationery

If you know me, you know that I have a big thing for stationery. I have a jillion pens, pencils, markers, whatever. A lot of it I don’t use because I stick to the basics for everyday. If I had enough money and time, I’d buy out the entire stationery section at Kinokuniya.

I especially have a weakness for washi masking tape. I have rolls on my desk that I don’t have a use for.Well I do, but I don’t want to waste it on the things I want to use it for. Story of my life. I once had a set of scented highlighters that I refused to use because I didn’t want to waste it. Fast forward to the day I decided to use it, I discovered it had dried out. I was sad. Come to think of it, I did the same with my light up sneakers.

In any case, out of boredom, I’ve put together a few stationery bits and bobs that have caught my eye recently. Window shopping only. I have too much stationery that any one person could ever use to last a lifetime.

Stationery I like.

  1. Brocolli Cardholder, from MoMA Store.
  2. Ava Thank You Card, from Rifle Paper Co.
  3. Moleskine Panoramic Diary, from Moleskine.
  4. MT Japanese Masking Tape, from NoteMaker.
  5. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen, from Lamy.