Summer prep

Summer prep

Long time no blog. You’ll find me buried in a giant pile of yarn. I’m trying to get as much knitting in before warmer weather starts. Seemingly I only knit when it’s cold. Although on my recent Melbourne trip, I started prepping for my summer wardrobe.

I bought a bunch of espadrilles in Melbourne. I couldn’t help it, they was a sample sale. Soludos usually retail for $70, but these were one off pairs that were down to the low, low price of $30 each. How could I say no? I purchased 3 pairs in total. Whoops.

I got a pair of flatforms (so comfy), summer stripes and my personal favourite, coffee espadrilles in a seashell pink. Seriously. I cannot deal. I just had to have them. They are a collaboration between Jason Polan and Soludos.

Have you bought anything for summer?


Bringing the outside in

Bringing the outside in

I’m determined to make my desk clutter-free.

At the moment it is very much the opposite. I won’t indulge you with a photo of the current state of my desk post-Japan, as it is akin to my suitcase exploding all over the house. I’m taking a bit of time to find a permanent home for all the goodies I got.

In the meantime I’ll start by injecting garden blooms into the house. The unusually warm weather has kept my frangipani tree in bloom, and although they don’t last long when they’re cut, I love the room fragrance they offer.


Oh I also bought some new shoes last month. I gave into the lace trend and got a cheap and cheerful brown suede pair from Zara. If you know anything about me you’ll know I’m all about black, so these brown shoes are a step outside my comfort zone, so let’s see if I can mix and match them into my daily wardrobe.


And now I think I’ll be on a spending ban. Have you bought anything new? Show me what you’ve bought! I want to live vicariously through everyone else. <3

My not-so-secret shoe obsession

My not-so-secret shoe obsession

I have a serious shoe problem where I find myself with a jillion pairs of shoes. Story of my life. In any case, I’m super excited about my latest shoe buy. I got my first pair of Louboutin flats. I found a pair of Manovra flats by chance on the Outnet site (aka Net-a-porter’s outlet store). It’s a little hit and miss on the Outnet, but you can usually score some pretty things at some pretty good prices.


Slingbacks. Mesh. Spikes. I knew I needed them in my life.

When I was around 7, I used to have a pair of closed toe slingback flats that I loved until the day they died. I’ve found many pairs of open toe slingbacks to date, but haven’t yet found my formal pair. Here’s hoping these are a good fit!

In the meantime, I’m eagerly awaiting the DHL man!

Oh woops

Oh woops

Sorry life, I’ve barely had time to keep up! I did quite a bit of online shopping in the past few weeks, and so I’m getting all my parcels now. Definitely feeling like Christmas! Which is quite alright with me. Apologies this post isn’t very coherant. I’m a bit all over the place this weekend. Especially since I made the detrimental choice of purchasing some coffee beans from Double Roasters (then subsequently made a cup of after dinner tonight). Uh oh.

I’ve finally gotten my hands on an Opal card after weeks of putting it off. Let me just say it has made my early mornings a heck of a lot easier. No more queueing for me!

I’ve been crazy obsessed with Mel/Melissa shoes. The jelly shoes are oh-so-comfortable and have been albeit useful in the wet weather Sydney has been receiving lately. My biggest problem these past few weeks revolves around which pair to wear out. FWP.

Mel by Melissa shoes

(Love glitter. And love polka dots.)

Shoes and manicures

Shoes and manicures

Continuing on with my increasing cynicism, I’m noticing that one (random) person during my peak hour train trip to work who without fail stops right before the ticket turnstiles before rummaging through their bag to find their train ticket. Meanwhile I’m always the unlucky one who stands directly behind them and can’t go into any other lanes else I be banished into the bad books by other disgruntled city workers. Oh I really must stop noticing such silly things.

I’ve resorted to online window shopping. I’m on a self imposed spending ban until my trip in 80-something days. I found these super cute J.Crew t-bar flats. I’d love them even more if they came in a leather slash satin black combination. I really want black t-bar shoes. Whether they be flats or heels, I don’t think I’d mind.

Jcrew Tbar shoes

I’ve been really uninspired with manicures lately. I’m not sure what it is, but I find myself sticking to solid colours. I haven’t really touched my nail stamps that much this month. Here’s hoping that’ll change this month. I did a pseudo-skittle manicure with some purple and sparkles the other day. Nothing interesting. As is life. Le sigh.


Here’s hoping I’ll have something a little more interesting to post about next time. Hah.

Ballet madness

Ballet madness

When I was six, I remember wanting nothing more than to go to ballet lessons. I asked my mum if I could and she enrolled me in a ballet class run by an old woman and her even older mother. It didn’t last for very long. I remember there was one girl in particular who was the “alpha female” of the group and bossed the rest of the girls around.

I grew bored of ballet lessons and the associated unpleasantness, but I  loved my ballet shoes for a long time after. They weren’t anything special, just those cheapo Jiffies that my mum had altered with some pink satin ribbon for ankle ties. It seemed the thing to do. Anyway. I loved them so much that I eventually went on to buy some terry fabric Jiffies to wear around the house.  They came in a bunch of colours. Did you ever own a pair of Jiffies?


I found some photos off old eBay listings. I just read a forum saying they aren’t appropriate ballet footwear as they don’t provide sufficient support. Oops.

Fast forward to 2013, I’m still obsessed with ballet flats. I bought two pairs in the past couple of weeks. I still have a couple of ballet flats that remain unused as I still need to spray them with waterproofer, but I just couldn’t resist the flats I got on sale. I got the Bella flats from the Forever New outlet at DFO. The gold sparkle drew me in, and the low heel sealed the deal. At $20 for leather lined shoes, I couldn’t say no. I figure they’d look good with a pair of skinny leg jeans.

forever new bella flats


The second pair I got from Sambag. These Tina shiraz ballet flats were originally $175, but were marked down to $52. It was one of those online only sales. I thought twice about this purchase as I still have a few Sambag flats that I haven’t yet work (shame on me). I figure I can resell these if I don’t get around to wearing them, but something tells me I’ll get some decent use out of them. Now to remember to waterproof these!

sambag shiraz tina

Have you bought any bargains lately?


Getting rid o’ stuff

Getting rid o’ stuff

I’ve been in a major purging slash organising mode at home. I’ve started to sort things into separate piles and boxes. Sadly I’ve only managed to find time to list one sad little item onto eBay. I’ve listed a pair of BNWT Saba wool blend crop pants on eBay. They’re such a luxe fabric, but sadly they are a little big for me so up on eBay they go.

saba ellen pants

I’m sad to have to list my Melissa Maia lace flats. They have such an adorable detail in them. I find Mel flats perfect for those annoying rainy days where it is too light for gumboots, but puddles abound that still manage to drench leather flats. Unfortunately these aren’t quite the right fit for me either.

Melissa Maia

Things are still quite hectic. I don’t envisage it slowing down anytime soon, not until the end of year at least. Speaking of which I need to do some massive planning for the soon-to-happen overseas holiday. Can’t wait! It is all coming up so quickly. I’ve only just gotten around to booking in my leave. Busy busy!