Weekend brunching

Weekend brunching

Hopefully Sydney-siders are surviving the deluge today. It really seems like a little bit of rain makes everyone cray-cray. Just on the train this morning this guy was shaking off his wet brolly in the aisle leaving the floor soaked. My questions is, one wouldn’t do this INSIDE AT HOME, so why would you do it INSIDE A TRAIN? Honestly. /end rant.

I made the most of the sunshine this weekend and went out for some brunch at Mecca. I’m a sucker for their coffee and their grain bowls, but find not much variety otherwise. Otherwise I like to dropping by just for the interiors and the flora. They always have such interesting blooms to decorate their space.


I paid a visit to Mecca on the weekend as H was craving some fried chicken and discovered they had updated their menu with an all day breakfast. Helloooo late brunch. Opting for some scrambled eggs and smoked hash browns (read: more of a rosti) I didn’t leave disappointed.


Obvi went for the coffee as well. The hash browns were crisp and crunchy on the outside, and soft and deliciously tasty on the inside. Definitely will be back for more.

Pugs + cake

Pugs + cake

I should be used to the disappointment that hump day brings, but I’m really not. I do wish the weekend would return in all its glory. The last one was filled with adorable catch ups with cute babies and bouncy puppies. I finally got around to meeting this little guy. Who enjoyed chewing on one of the pom poms I made.

Frank the pug

I took the train into work as I do each work morning. It was all smooth sailing until I hit the Sydney CBD. Out of the blue there was a toddler yelling discernible words at the top of his/her lungs. This continued all through the underground tunnel journey. The parents did absolutely nothing to pacify or discipline the child.

Mind you this is an early morning peak hour train crammed with people. I’m not saying all children should be seen and not heard, but a little consideration for fellow commuters and trying to control your child would go a long way. Anyway.

Anyway. Enough ranting. I did a bit of present hunting. We went over to Westfield and parking was horrendous. And to think that it will only get worse from here. Better get cracking on those presents.

H got the keys to the apartment. I have to say that it will not be good being so close to such great food and desserts. The first night there and I’m already buying Zumbo cakes.

Zumbo cake

The latest happenings

The latest happenings

I go through phases where I endeavour to post at least once a day. But unfortunately it seems I don’t always follow through. Life gets in the way and it just goes a little bit haywire from there. Anyway, this is me trying to make another serious attempt.

I’m wallowing in the aftermath of an amazing long weekend in Sydney (the weather was absolutely perfect). I have to say that despite it being over quicker than it began, I got a few things accomplished.

I went to Cirque du Soleil’s Ovo, which was hilariously enjoyable. It was the boy’s first time to Cirque. I’d seen Dralion once before so I knew what I was in for to some extent. I also got around to replacing my iPhone’s screen protector. A minor achievement, but an achievement nonetheless. I’ve recently switched to the iPhone 5 (and loving it).

I made some New York style bagels on Saturday with the hopes of having it for breakfast this week. That obviously wasn’t in the cards as all but one of the 14 I made made it to Tuesday. I guess it is just an excuse to make some more…

The boy and I originally were planning on going to Canberra to see the Floriade, but upon acknowledging there weren’t enough hours in the day to get there and back, we opted to go to Berry (a NSW country town). I find the smaller towns are just bursting with character and awesome photo opps.

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Friday Musings (aka yay it’s Friday!)

Friday Musings (aka yay it’s Friday!)

Sculpture by the Sea

  • Yay, 100th post! Not that it means much. But at least I’ve been able to commit to this account and have (semi) regular updates. Photo is from last year’s Sculpture by the Sea.
  • I’m going to take surfing lessons tomorrow. I’m a little worried of drowning to be honest. I really don’t float. At all. Nor am I a hardcore beach person. I like the beach, but, I wouldn’t choose to go out there every day. I’m not the most coordinated person either so I highly doubt I’ll be very graceful climbing onto a surfboard whilst balancing precariously on water.
  • I’ve become slightly dependent on Up N’ Go liquid meals for breakfast. I’m not sure if there are any Filipino’s out there who know what I’m talking about, but the chocolate ice flavour reminds me of Magnolia Chocolait. Speaking of which, I have one in the freezer at the moment – I better get it before it turns into a popsicle.
  • I bought Reese’s Peanut Butter Chips and used them to make some chewy cookies last night. I’m annoyed that I forgot them at home. Boo. I’m craving cookies now. I guess it’s a good thing since I’m trying to cut down on unnecessary food intake.
  • I told off a woman on the train this morning. Seriously though, people need lessons in common sense. If you’re on a crowded train and the people behind you need to get out at a particular stop, you MOVE. You don’t just stand there pretending you don’t know how to speak English.
  • I want to get a nice indoor plant for my bathroom. I just think it is missing something. I’d quickly put one of my prints in there if I weren’t fearful of water damage. I’m thinking an orchid, but they are just so damn expensive.
  • I just realised that I’m wearing blue from head to toe. Granted all different shades of blue, but blue nevertheless.
Not you again, Monday.

Not you again, Monday.

Although, I really should be positive. I can’t help but think yet another week has come and gone.

I had a relaxing weekend. Had a lovely lunch with the girls at Chat Thai. No particular occasion. It really was a just because kind of lunch – which is perfectly fine with me. We got a little bit of shopping squeezed in. I got a few polishes for my make-up swap. I think I’m almost ready to send it out!

I got around to purchasing some Korres Lip Butter. The stuff is amazing. It provides just a subtle amount of tint while at the same time providing some nourishing, long lasting moisture throughout the day. I got it in Mango, though I wouldn’t mind some darker red shades down the track. I’ve been using Vaseline for a while now, but I’ve since noticed it has been making my lips itchy. I must be allergic to something in it. I quite like my new lip moisturiser.

I don’t really celebrate Chinese New Year – I’m not that type of Asian. I did spend last night at a friend’s place, celebrating a psudo-CNY. It was a fun-filled night complete with Chinese food and sparklers. All I can say is it has been a while since I’ve had a lazy-ish night like that. I can’t wait for the next excuse to have such a laid back night.


Twenty twelve!

Severe lack of posts on my part. I blame the fact that I have no computer or laptop to work with, and only my iPad on this trip. I haven’t used the iPad for any serious blogging so it is interesting seeing how it fares.

I watched the fireworks on tv this year. The past two weeks has been extremely draining to say the least, so I admit it was nice to just sit back and enjoy a glass of bubbly. The crowds are always so extreme at the Sydney fireworks. But! I’m officially on holidays now, in the northern parts of Australia.

I have hit up a few theme parks already. It has been a blast. The weather has been kind, and shining down warm rays of all but one day of our trip to date. Just lounging by the pool enjoying the complimentary breakfast with our stay. Loving it!

Friday Musings

Friday Musings

  • Excuse the negative-nelly rant, but people who just use other people really annoy me. Seriously. I am a firm believer that you should make your own way up to where you want to be. I’ve prided myself in doing things for myself to get where I am today. I don’t take advantage of anyone and I’m proud of it.
  • I started watching Hart of Dixie today. I’m a bit unsure about how much I believe Rachel Bilson is a doctor. We’ll see how it plays out. I’m also a bit skeptical as to how long this show will last. I think Jamie King is so pretty, but she is a complete bi-atch in this series. She kind of reminds me of Brittany Snow’s character in Hairspray. I forget her name.
  • I still need to post my photos from Bondi’s Sculpture by the Sea. I need to edit them first I guess. I’ve done a couple. Debating whether to do one or two posts so I can knock it over. But, I’m just not feeling like blogging much these days. That, or I just lack the time.

Bondi Beach

Bondi Baths

  • Someone asked me yesterday what I’d be wearing to the Christmas party next week. To be honest, I haven’t even thought about it, but now I am and I don’t know what to wear.
  • I have come to learn that eBay is a place full of retards. Don’t leave me negative feedback without contacting me first. I mean, that is just silly. I would have offered you a complete refund, or at the very least made a conceited effort to locate your supposedly lost parcel (the Australia Post website claims that it has been delivered). Retard.