Five things

Five things

One. I haven’t kept up with documenting my nail adventures lately, but rest assured I’m still avidly collecting those little bottles. I’m debating whether or not I should buy an Ikea drawer to store them in some more of an orderly fashion than in a huge storage bin under my bed, but we’ll see how motivated I really get. I’m still trying to work my way through the Ciate haul I bought from COTD a few weeks ago. I’m keen to try the caviar, but really need the right occasion for it.

Ciate overload

Two. I (quietly) squealed out loud when I saw my favourite brand of cider had come out with some new varieties. It wasn’t even a question that I had to buy the pink lady cider. I’d say that Pink lady and Fuji are my top two apple varieties – I like them sweet. If you’re the same, this won’t disappoint. I’ll be back for the pear later.

Bilpin cider

Three. I got a giant Matches parcel today. Half for me, half for the boy, but it came in this beautiful marbled box. I’ve included my hand in the photo for size reference. You can tell that Matches have thought out the online shopping experience from beginning to end. Love the box.

Matches parcel

Four. I’m loving the number of amazing coffee places popping up in my immediate surrounds. I got this pretty rose from West Juliett in Marrickville. Pair it with one of their pink salt chocolate chip cookies and you have yourself a match made in heaven.


Five. This is a new obsession. I’ve been painting these little dinosaur figurines gold. Loving them on my desk. I started off using some horrid yellow gold nail polish that I knew I was never going to wear, but the other day I graduated and purchased a spray can of metallic gold paint. Best move ever. Watch this space, more gold tidbits to come.


My Asia haul + misc

My Asia haul + misc

Asia haul

So I haven’t yet gotten around to editing those photos from my trip, but I did take a shot of some of the haul I took home. Note this isn’t all for me. Naturally it included a tonne of nail polish, duty-free make up buys and a bunch of stationery. Most of the stuff is sitting in a box on my dresser. I need to get around to organising it and putting it away.

I have been toying with the idea of a leather pencil skirt, and because I’m still in experimental mode, I went and got a pleather Zara pencil skirt. I was lusting over it in Asia, but the BF said no. I found myself in the new Sydney Zara store (holy large batman) and I bought it on impulse. Love it though.

Well since this has become an entirely materialistic post, let me say how much I am loving Mix Apparel. I stumbled on it yesterday whilst meandering through an outer-Sydney Coles. I bought some lounge pants (2 for $20 – how could I say no?). Long story short, I ended up buying two more pairs because they are just the comfiest things ever.

Mix Apparel

Love the pants, not so much the “action” shots.

Online sales galore

Online sales galore

I didn’t buy many outfits on my Asia trip.

I did however buy a lot of shoes whilst overseas. While I thought I was perfectly fine with this whole scenario, it turns out I was  mistaken. I started to browse the online sales when I got back last month. I bought a whole heap of junk from Asos and Seed Heritage. Now that they’ve all started to arrive, I’ve begun to sort through my haul and decide which ones to keep and which ones to return.

I love how easy it is to return merchandise bought online, because a) sizing is a never ending nightmare; and b) you can’t avoid the times where the real deal just doesn’t live up to the magnificent thing you saw in the photo online.

I bought a couple of basic shirts from Seed. I couldn’t say no. It really would have been wrong to not to buy them. The linen shirts were down to $11 each, so I picked them up in a few colours. They are such a great relaxed fit and definite keepers. The banana yellow silk shirt doesn’t fit quite well on me, so I’ll have to return that some time this week.

seed-heritageThen there’s the Asos stuff. I got a few dresses. Some hits, some misses. I bought them while there was the extra 10% off sale items, so there is no love lost with the ones that are going back.

asos-dressesTo round it all off, I got more basic tees from Asos as well. At less than $10 a piece and 100% cotton, I say HELLO summer staples. I don’t think I could have enough cotton t-shirts.

asos-teesJust to keep things balanced, I got some Yankee candles. I saw them in HK and they had such amazing scents.Then I saw these little sampler sizes online, I knew I had to give them a whirl. Will report back on them soon.






Online shopping from DJ’s

Online shopping from DJ’s

I’m attempting to be on a spending ban. But I’m not doing very well at it. I don’t think I did myself any favours by logging onto Vogue forums. I found a voucher for David Jones that took off $15 if you spend $50 or more. I’d been meaning to get ONE of the two items, so I guess it’s ok? :S

One of the items I ordered was only available through their warehouse, so I opted for free delivery. I thought the inside of the DJs box was very fancy. I want to keep the box, but have no idea what I’d use it for! Anyway. Here’s what I ended up with.



I got a Tahaa Glasshouse candle, my old one finished weeks ago and I’ve been meaning to repurchase. I needed to get over the $50 mark. Whilst I contemplated a second candle, I spotted some MBMJ stud earrings in gold ON SALE. I ended up paying $32 for the candle, and $28 for the earrings. Surely that’s worth breaking the shopping ban? Or at least that’s what I’ll keep telling myself…


Have you purchased any bargains lately?

Modcloth cabin fever sales

Modcloth cabin fever sales

Modcloth is having its final mark down sales at the moment. I know right. More sales. That’s the last thing I need right now. I logged on this morning and spotted the email. Couldn’t resist. The website was having a few hiccups with the number of people hitting the pages. I managed to get four dresses for < $20 each paying something like $15 for postage. There are a few items there, so head over if you want to grab a bargain! Here are some other things that caught my eye…

Getaway Back Home Dress

Getaway back home ($87.99 $25.99)  is an intense orange dress that is delicate enough to wear on a night out but casual enough for day wear. I really love the colour  and the intricate detail on the bust. I don’t know what it is about knits, but I just can’t resist them.

Demure in Luck Dress

Demure in Luck Dress ($54.99 $16.99) is a gorgeous coral dress. I can’t get over the colour, not too bright but not too dull either. It has a cute hint of a peter pan collar that I just can’t resist. This one could use a pretty belt. Maybe. I’m going through a thing with belts lately.

Belt the High Note Dress

Belt the High Note Dress ($54.99 $16.99) is a pretty pink dress with a latte coloured lace overlay. It really is a bargain at $17 – why wouldn’t you! I love the pop of the neon pink belt. I need to start stocking up on different coloured skinny belts for my dresses. They make an outfit come together nicely.

Head on over to Modcloth for a bargain! I hear they’ve added a few more styles to the sale.

Post Christmas Modcloth shopping

Post Christmas Modcloth shopping

I’ve done quite a bit of online shopping the past few days. I’ve found that most of the savings are to be found overseas. Modcloth recently had an extra 30% off their sale stock, so I took advantage of it and bought a few items.

I didn’t know that they stocked Jessica Simpson’s clothing line. I was a little surprised to find out. Generally they don’t advertise the brands on their website, but you can usually compare with other websites if you know what to look for.

Screen Shot 2013-01-05 at 10.47.02 PMI nabbed a few summer pieces for my wardrobe. Goodness knows I have enough, but that didn’t stop me. I picked up the Locker Buddy Top for $14.70 (left), a nice loose fitting shirt that is simple enough to pair with a bold statement necklace. I also bought the Tendril-Hearted Dress marked down to $20.80 (right). I’m an absolute sucker for peter pan collars and I couldn’t go past the adorable berry hues.

Modcloth buys


In conclusion. I love Modcloth. Postage to Australia costs a little extra – about  $5 to $8 per item, but if you factor it into the price and quality, I think it is definitely worth it.

Crystal bulbs

Crystal bulbs

I’ve been lurking around interior design blogs lately. Not because I’m redecorating anything in particular, but perusing out of general interest. I find myself getting more and more excited about home wares (sounds a bit wrong), but I guess it is a sign of my age!

I’m beginning to easily spot things I do like out of things that I don’t like. Sounds simple enough, but if you know me, I umm and ahh over certain decisions in my life. I’m into grey rooms with a splash of a feature colour. At the moment anyway. I also and absolutely in love with feature lights. They can add so much to a room in my opinion.

I spied this crystal bulb the other day whilst browsing my feeds. I adore the simplicity of this design. It just makes it an extra bit fancy. Lee Broom is the designer behind this lead-cut crystal bulb. Each one is individually hand blown by Cumbria Crystal (which is the last producer of handmade English full lead crystal).

The bulbs fit any standard E27 fitting, and can be purchased on its own ($175) or with a brushed brass pendant ($275). Buy it here.
crystal bulbsDesigner: Lee Broom
Size: 3.5″ w x 5.5″ h
Details: Average life expectancy: 45,000 hours; Dimmable.
Material: Hand-cut lead crystal

crystal bulbs

crystal bulbs