Here we go again

Here we go again

Past midnight on a school night no less, and I’m wide awake. I was baking chocolate chip cookies for work tomorrow, oops. Although this time to reflect got me thinking about how I haven’t blogged in a long, long time. I’ve since purchased a new camera that I took along to the Growers Markets earlier this month. Nothing that exciting, but just getting myself used to the different way the settings are laid out.


I really like bonsai trees – and I’ve been curious as to whether I’d be able to sustain one for the long term. But, I’m not really confident right now. I can barely keep my succulents alive.


I haven’t really been out to many Good Food Month events. The one I did go to was at Flying Fish when they had their crab shack night. All the tables were coated in paper, and crabs were sold by the kilo at market price. They had truffle mac and cheese on the menu and let me just say that I don’t regret a thing.Giant G+T's Pretty fairy lights Pinchy!

Pinchy made a surprise appearance on our table. I wanted to take him home, but he had a job to do at the crab shack. I had to get the full experience and chose some San Francisco steam beer to go with dinner that night.The lightsIn conclusion, I’m digging this new camera. It takes pretty night shots.

Five things

Five things

And once again an entire week flashes before my eyes. I’ve had so much going on at work I’ve barely had time to catch my breath. I had to get up at a crazy ungodly hour of the morning for work (read 2:30am) so that has messed me up since Thursday. Today I slept until close to midday, which was veryveryveryvery welcome.

I think a Five things post is LONG overdue.

ONE. First up is Pic’s REALLY GOOD peanut butter. I found this hiding on the shelf at Thomas Dux. I have had a giant craving for crunchy PB with some soy and linseed toast and this really hit the spot. I picked the no salt option as the salt version had quadrillion times the amount of sodium and I thought I’d be good.

Pic's really good peanut butter

TWO. I’m in love with Martha Stewart craft punches. Especially these around the page ones. Seriously. I have so many of them now after visiting that craft show that was in town last weekend. I need to get cracking on some July birthday cards so it was just perfect timing!

Martha Stewart craft punches

THREE. My green thumb has evolved. I’ve been looking into new and prettier ways of displaying my plants. I made Ferny (as named by the boy) a macrame hanging basket holder. I’m not sure what they’re officially called, but yes. I quite like it. Since Ferny likes humidity it lives in the bathroom for now.

Hanging macrame fern

FOUR. Speaking of my evolving green thumb, I bought some cute little jelly bean succulents for house-warming presents. I’m really digging how very unique and adorable these little things look. I hear they change colour depending on season too.


FIVE. I have a thing for late night baking. I was running on a little over four hours of sleep when I decided to bake some cinnamon scrolls. I’ve had a few requests to post up the recipe, so will do so soon! Keep an eye out :)

Cinnamon buns

Have a fantastic week all! Xx

My non-existent green thumb

My non-existent green thumb

I like to think I can take care of plants. But I probably really don’t take care of them well at all.

My first foray into plants started with a cute little succulent arrangement. I assembled it with a lot of thought and care and took it into work. This was years ago. I don’t know if I watered it too much or didn’t give it enough sun, but it withered away (very slowly) over a period of a year or two until it was no more. This pretty blue square pot now holds Baz the basil plant (as named by the boy).

Succulent pot plant

I saw a clever tutorial on upcycling corks into little fridge magnet planters that hold succulents. I couldn’t resist. I had some old corks laying around, dug holes in it, filled it with soil and popped in some succulents. Let’s see how long they last.

Cork succulents

One thing I’ll probably avoid are these horrid cacti. Really. I see some serious copyright infringements going on here. I don’t know if anything could be tackier.


I’m curious, what sorts of plants do you take care of?

Fog and lights

Fog and lights

Happy hump day!

If you’re a Sydney-sider like me you’d know all too well about the creepy fog that has been blanketing the city for the past two mornings. It was a little chaotic on the train this morning, nothing too bad. But it meant getting to work ten minutes later than I normally do. I can’t complain. Isn’t as bad as catching a ferry I suppose.

foggy morning

I’m loving Sydney at the moment. VIVID Sydney is in full swing and I’m dying to go (it is on until June 10). I’ve seen glimpses of it on the way home – the amazing water show in Darling Harbour and the Wizard of Oz-esque trees on the walk over the Pyrmont Bridge. I’m planning on dedicating a night to wandering around The Rocks and the MCA area to have a proper look.


In the meantime, I hope everyone is keeping warm! I’ve been doing the walk to work every morning with the scarf and gloves.

Oh, dam

Oh, dam

Last month, for my birthday my mum insisted that my family get together for a picnic. They chose Warragamba Dam for the venue. The last time I remember coming here was back when I was in primary school, which is a very long time ago. I remember they let us walk onto the dam itself. I hear they stopped doing that after 9/11. It was still a lovely picturesque day.


Sorry for the boring post. It really was quite lovely to just watch the ducks swimming across the water. They even had a super fancy pants educational centre with an interactive projection and activity centre for the kids. Anyway. A more exciting post soon. I promise. XxIMG_8843

Berry adventures continued

Berry adventures continued

After stopping by the Berry Sourdough Cafe, we wandered around the town centre browsing through the different little stores. H was targeting one of the quaint little homewares stores we found last time we were in the area. He still has a list of must-have’s for the apartment. It was such a leafy neighbourhood and so calming to wander around randomly exploring.

berry tree

store intallation

Some of the other ladies wanted to stop by the Berry candle shop. It was really popular with a serious range of candles. From my group, the most popular ones by far were the Woodwick brand, which as the name suggests has a wooden wick that has a little cracking sound as it burns. It makes you feel like you’re sitting in front of a roaring fire! Well. Maybe a little baby fire.

berry woodwick candles

I’ve stocked up on Glasshouse candles for a good couple of months, so I skipped browsing candles (goodness knows I don’t need any more!) and popped over to the Berry bead shop. So much eye candy. But I knew I had a huge box of beads and findings at home. So I only looked. It looked like candy!


The Berry donut van was a definite-stop for us. We bought a dozen to eat + take home. Gotta love them fresh and hot! I personally don’t see much of a difference between fresh donuts here and at Donut King (some may disagree). Maybe it is slightly crispier here? Anyway. You must try it yourself if you haven’t already!

berry donut van

Everyone was wearing pretty long skirts with gorgeous patterns and hues. I just had to take a photo whilst we were waiting to get into the Berry Sourdough Cafe.


pom pomsOverall another great trip to Berry. Can’t wait until next time!

road trip

DIY: Terrariums

DIY: Terrariums

I love indoor plants but can’t keep them alive 90% of the time. I attended a terrarium class at the Object Gallery in Sydney the other week. It was lead by Stef Ingram, styler extraordinaire. There was a small group of us in the workshop above the gallery. I loved learning about the different tips and tricks – the different layers, the plant choices and after care.

We were required to bring our own bowl – with specifications of 30cm deep and an opening of at least 20cm. I found one that was *just* under the recommended size. Little did I know everyone else brought in smaller, much cuter bowls. I was initially lusting over this really adorable one that had a lid, but said no because of its small size.

The initial layers consisted of carbon and dried sphagnum moss, to aid with aeration and to prevent root rot in the plants you will be placing into your terrarium.


The plants I chose included a mint ground covering (photo on the left) which smelled amazing. I made a little rainforest with a purply/pink sort of plant and one with small white leaves. Forgive me I don’t know my plant names! :p


Here are the end products. There were a few little trinkets to choose from -dinosaurs, army men and farm animals. I placed a little green dinoaur amongst the foilage. It sort of looks like he’s prowling around looking for food all camouflaged and hidden.

TerrariumIt was definitely a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon. The Object Gallery are running a few Make.Play workshops this month. I’ve got my eye on a couple! Be quick, they’re selling out quickly.