Shoes and manicures

Shoes and manicures

Continuing on with my increasing cynicism, I’m noticing that one (random) person during my peak hour train trip to work who without fail stops right before the ticket turnstiles before rummaging through their bag to find their train ticket. Meanwhile I’m always the unlucky one who stands directly behind them and can’t go into any other lanes else I be banished into the bad books by other disgruntled city workers. Oh I really must stop noticing such silly things.

I’ve resorted to online window shopping. I’m on a self imposed spending ban until my trip in 80-something days. I found these super cute J.Crew t-bar flats. I’d love them even more if they came in a leather slash satin black combination. I really want black t-bar shoes. Whether they be flats or heels, I don’t think I’d mind.

Jcrew Tbar shoes

I’ve been really uninspired with manicures lately. I’m not sure what it is, but I find myself sticking to solid colours. I haven’t really touched my nail stamps that much this month. Here’s hoping that’ll change this month. I did a pseudo-skittle manicure with some purple and sparkles the other day. Nothing interesting. As is life. Le sigh.


Here’s hoping I’ll have something a little more interesting to post about next time. Hah.

Manicure: Winter blues

Manicure: Winter blues

I remembered to take some pics of my latest stamping adventures the other day. I seemingly have ventured down the blue path with my bags and purses, so in an effort to remain somewhat coordinated, I decided to do a winter blue manicure.

I purchased the Winstonia plates a few weeks ago and have been itching to use more of them. Each plate is seasonal, and so I selected a winter-esque one from the Christmas plate (W120) on the far right.

Winstonia 120

My base colour is Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear in Pacific Blue – this has been my go to blue shade this season. I can’t get over how bright and vibrant the colour is. It borders on a slight purple tinge, which probably explains a little of my bias towards it.
Blue stamp nails

I need a little more practice in stamping on a straight line. Hah. They progressively become a little more angled as you go from left to right. Not sure why that is how it is, but yes. I need to stamp more!Blue stamp nails

I finished off with my usual layer of Seche to make it nice and shiny. I’m debating what my next manicure will be now. I’m leaning towards alternating to a glitter mani now! (AND I’m so glad that it is the last month of winter!)Blue stamp nails

Five things

Five things

And once again an entire week flashes before my eyes. I’ve had so much going on at work I’ve barely had time to catch my breath. I had to get up at a crazy ungodly hour of the morning for work (read 2:30am) so that has messed me up since Thursday. Today I slept until close to midday, which was veryveryveryvery welcome.

I think a Five things post is LONG overdue.

ONE. First up is Pic’s REALLY GOOD peanut butter. I found this hiding on the shelf at Thomas Dux. I have had a giant craving for crunchy PB with some soy and linseed toast and this really hit the spot. I picked the no salt option as the salt version had quadrillion times the amount of sodium and I thought I’d be good.

Pic's really good peanut butter

TWO. I’m in love with Martha Stewart craft punches. Especially these around the page ones. Seriously. I have so many of them now after visiting that craft show that was in town last weekend. I need to get cracking on some July birthday cards so it was just perfect timing!

Martha Stewart craft punches

THREE. My green thumb has evolved. I’ve been looking into new and prettier ways of displaying my plants. I made Ferny (as named by the boy) a macrame hanging basket holder. I’m not sure what they’re officially called, but yes. I quite like it. Since Ferny likes humidity it lives in the bathroom for now.

Hanging macrame fern

FOUR. Speaking of my evolving green thumb, I bought some cute little jelly bean succulents for house-warming presents. I’m really digging how very unique and adorable these little things look. I hear they change colour depending on season too.


FIVE. I have a thing for late night baking. I was running on a little over four hours of sleep when I decided to bake some cinnamon scrolls. I’ve had a few requests to post up the recipe, so will do so soon! Keep an eye out :)

Cinnamon buns

Have a fantastic week all! Xx

Manicure: Electric blue striping tape patterns

Manicure: Electric blue striping tape patterns


My manicure is a few days old already but I thought that I’d put it up on the blog. I was inspired by the Nailasaurus’ latest neon mani. Apologies for the slight tip wear on the nails. I think it’s time for a change sometime soon. I used Sally Hansen’s Pacific Blue that I picked up from the latest Priceline 40% off everything sale. I saw it sitting on its lonesome on the shelf and knew I needed it in my collection.

It’s a pretty electric blue shade with a hint of purple. If you know me you know I just can’t pass up on *any* shade of purple. Such a quick and easy mani that produces some pretty patterns. I’m a sucker for geometric lines.IMG_8868

Another shot of the manicure in the sun. As you can see, the lines aren’t as crisp as I’d like, but you don’t really notice them from afar.

What’s your fav nail colour at the moment?

Five things

Five things

Let me tell you, I’m glad that this short week is almost over. It feels like a full week and I’m ready to have a drink or two by the end of tomorrow. So, with that in mind, here are five random things that are making me happy this week.

Nars blush

ONE. A pretty (and untouched) Nars blush. In cactus flower. I’m liking the cream blush thing – this is my first foray into non-powder blush territory and I gotta say, it ain’t half bad!

After work wine

TWO. Impromptu harbour-side drinks. Enjoying the last few remnants of summer and the long days that comes along with it. There is nothing more relaxing than having drinks whilst sitting next to an amazing Sydney view.


THREE. My Easter bunny (disguised as an albino bat) manicure. I want to redo it but I haven’t had time. The glitter however makes me happy every time I look down at my nails.

Yellow liliesFOUR. Pretty yellow lilies that just seem to smile at you when you look at them. Really. They just look so bright and happy and cheery. And I want to stare at them all day. Except that I have work during the day. So I don’t get to stare.


FIVE. My daily soy latte(s) from Mecca Espresso. I really like my coffee. That’s probably an understatement. But. I really do. Like it. There are days that I don’t have a coffee, but most days. I do have that cup of coffee.

What gets you through the working week?

Manicure: Silver ninja stars

Manicure: Silver ninja stars

With little to no time between work and other commitments, I did a quick nail stamp mani last week. I had a lilac base on my nails already – China Glaze Light as Air. I love this shade as it is just a whisper of purple.

I contemplated stamping with an eggplant purple colour, but felt it was too overpowering for my mood. I ended up using Konad Light Bronze – a shimmery silver colour. What looked like a geometric pattern on the metal plate turned into funky ninja stars on my nails.

Ninja stars

Ninja stars


Manicure: Violet filigree

Manicure: Violet filigree

I think it’s time for another manicure post. I feel like I haven’t done one for a while, despite changing my nails at least twice a week. I just get so restless with my nails that change is inevitable. I was sporting some white ones earlier in the week that I captured on Instagram, but it felt odd against my tanned skin so I promptly changed to a light lilac.

I stamped with a Bundle Monster series 3 plate. I used the filigree design.

BM 314

I used Essie She’s Picture Perfect for a base, and stamped with a dark purple Konad polish that my brother kindly brought back for me from Taiwan. Not sure what the name is as it was a tiny bottle.

Essie She's Picture Perfect

It’s such a pretty and delicate filigree pattern. I think it might work better with a statement metallic colour. That’s an idea for next time… Overall I’m happy with how this one turned out.

Essie konad manicure

Of course you can’t really go wrong with purple on purple. Slowly getting through the different patterns of my BM set. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get through all of them

Essie konad manicure