Five things

Five things

One. I haven’t kept up with documenting my nail adventures lately, but rest assured I’m still avidly collecting those little bottles. I’m debating whether or not I should buy an Ikea drawer to store them in some more of an orderly fashion than in a huge storage bin under my bed, but we’ll see how motivated I really get. I’m still trying to work my way through the Ciate haul I bought from COTD a few weeks ago. I’m keen to try the caviar, but really need the right occasion for it.

Ciate overload

Two. I (quietly) squealed out loud when I saw my favourite brand of cider had come out with some new varieties. It wasn’t even a question that I had to buy the pink lady cider. I’d say that Pink lady and Fuji are my top two apple varieties – I like them sweet. If you’re the same, this won’t disappoint. I’ll be back for the pear later.

Bilpin cider

Three. I got a giant Matches parcel today. Half for me, half for the boy, but it came in this beautiful marbled box. I’ve included my hand in the photo for size reference. You can tell that Matches have thought out the online shopping experience from beginning to end. Love the box.

Matches parcel

Four. I’m loving the number of amazing coffee places popping up in my immediate surrounds. I got this pretty rose from West Juliett in Marrickville. Pair it with one of their pink salt chocolate chip cookies and you have yourself a match made in heaven.


Five. This is a new obsession. I’ve been painting these little dinosaur figurines gold. Loving them on my desk. I started off using some horrid yellow gold nail polish that I knew I was never going to wear, but the other day I graduated and purchased a spray can of metallic gold paint. Best move ever. Watch this space, more gold tidbits to come.


My Asia haul + misc

My Asia haul + misc

Asia haul

So I haven’t yet gotten around to editing those photos from my trip, but I did take a shot of some of the haul I took home. Note this isn’t all for me. Naturally it included a tonne of nail polish, duty-free make up buys and a bunch of stationery. Most of the stuff is sitting in a box on my dresser. I need to get around to organising it and putting it away.

I have been toying with the idea of a leather pencil skirt, and because I’m still in experimental mode, I went and got a pleather Zara pencil skirt. I was lusting over it in Asia, but the BF said no. I found myself in the new Sydney Zara store (holy large batman) and I bought it on impulse. Love it though.

Well since this has become an entirely materialistic post, let me say how much I am loving Mix Apparel. I stumbled on it yesterday whilst meandering through an outer-Sydney Coles. I bought some lounge pants (2 for $20 – how could I say no?). Long story short, I ended up buying two more pairs because they are just the comfiest things ever.

Mix Apparel

Love the pants, not so much the “action” shots.

A blur of a week

A blur of a week

I was pretty restrained for the Priceline sales. I was tempted to buy some Essie polishes (seeing as they were down to $10). I had it in my hand at the check out (you can see I had a bottle in the photo below) before I changed my mind and left it behind. I picked up some Revlon Photoready blush for $10 to have for travel. I hate how grotty the packaging on NARS gets after it’s been thrown around in my bag.

Make up

I’ve also been prepping my travel essentials. I bought  some Jurlique rose mist (which came with some extras) for the plane trip. I’ll be hopping around a couple of different countries so I thought it’d be good to keep hydrated on the flights. Besides which it smells like lolly water. If you have any beauty-travel essentials, I’d love to hear them!

Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is going up in Martin Place. I absolutely adore the baubles on the tree this year. They’re a pretty pointed star in a hologram pattern. I’m shoving as much Christmas cheer as I can before I leave for overseas. I noticed them putting a ribbon of LED lights around, which makes me think they’ll try to introduce some social media slash Twittering onto the tree. Of course I could be completely wrong. We’ll find out on Thursday!

I paid a visit to Khao Pla on Sunday. I tried the pork ribs (as seen on my Instagram). H ordered a chicken Penang curry (on the left, not too attractive) to get in the mindset for the upcoming trip. It was mild, which was alright. I can imagine the Malaysian dishes will be much, much spicer! We ordered Thai tea ice cream + tapioca + black sticky rice to share. Lovely.

Khao Pla

Anyway!! Back to writing up my pack lists…

Five things

Five things

Let me tell you, I’m glad that this short week is almost over. It feels like a full week and I’m ready to have a drink or two by the end of tomorrow. So, with that in mind, here are five random things that are making me happy this week.

Nars blush

ONE. A pretty (and untouched) Nars blush. In cactus flower. I’m liking the cream blush thing – this is my first foray into non-powder blush territory and I gotta say, it ain’t half bad!

After work wine

TWO. Impromptu harbour-side drinks. Enjoying the last few remnants of summer and the long days that comes along with it. There is nothing more relaxing than having drinks whilst sitting next to an amazing Sydney view.


THREE. My Easter bunny (disguised as an albino bat) manicure. I want to redo it but I haven’t had time. The glitter however makes me happy every time I look down at my nails.

Yellow liliesFOUR. Pretty yellow lilies that just seem to smile at you when you look at them. Really. They just look so bright and happy and cheery. And I want to stare at them all day. Except that I have work during the day. So I don’t get to stare.


FIVE. My daily soy latte(s) from Mecca Espresso. I really like my coffee. That’s probably an understatement. But. I really do. Like it. There are days that I don’t have a coffee, but most days. I do have that cup of coffee.

What gets you through the working week?

What’s in my make-up bag right now?

What’s in my make-up bag right now?

I’ve never really put that much thought into what goes into my make-up bag. It is usually an assortment of stuff that I throw in there. I decided to clean it out today and weed out the stuff that I don’t need. I’ve been noticing my bag getting somewhat heavy these days. Though that could probably because of my iPad.

The contents of my kit, top to bottom, left to right:

  • Shu Uemura Blush in Peach 47, yeah I need more of this
  • MAC Hello Kitty Eye Shadow Palette in Lucky Tom, great for the basics
  • Nail Clippers, just in case of emergencies
  • Stila Perfecting Concealer, a staple.
  • Vaseline, another staple – but I’m slowly converting to Korres Lip Butter
  • Philosophy Lip Gloss in Cinnamon Buns, adds a nice shimmer PLUS a yummy scent
  • Lancome Hypnose Mascara, recently converted from Definicils, no regrets
  • Clarins Eye Balm, Great for those eye bags, le sigh.



Yesterday was a public holiday for Australians. Which means today is back-to-work-Friday. You feel super lazy after a national day off. I can’t explain it. I noticed that there weren’t that many cars in the station car park. People have the right idea in taking today off. I would have liked to, but I want to save up my leave for something nicer later in the year.

Yesterday was quite unproductive. I had a giant family lunch at an Italian restaurant. It was absolutely lovely. There were a good 30 of us spread across two tables filled with pizza and pasta. I finished the day with some factory outlet shopping where I purchased even more clothes. I’m still waiting for my packages filled with clothes snapped up during the recent sales.

I spent some of my day so far browsing nail art supplies. Not the most productive faux-Monday, but which one ever is? My desk is a mess. I really need to sort my earrings and put them back in their place. I’m so lazy. I really have nothing planned for the weekend. I’m perfectly fine with that. I think next week may be a bit more hectic.

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Not you again, Monday.

Not you again, Monday.

Although, I really should be positive. I can’t help but think yet another week has come and gone.

I had a relaxing weekend. Had a lovely lunch with the girls at Chat Thai. No particular occasion. It really was a just because kind of lunch – which is perfectly fine with me. We got a little bit of shopping squeezed in. I got a few polishes for my make-up swap. I think I’m almost ready to send it out!

I got around to purchasing some Korres Lip Butter. The stuff is amazing. It provides just a subtle amount of tint while at the same time providing some nourishing, long lasting moisture throughout the day. I got it in Mango, though I wouldn’t mind some darker red shades down the track. I’ve been using Vaseline for a while now, but I’ve since noticed it has been making my lips itchy. I must be allergic to something in it. I quite like my new lip moisturiser.

I don’t really celebrate Chinese New Year – I’m not that type of Asian. I did spend last night at a friend’s place, celebrating a psudo-CNY. It was a fun-filled night complete with Chinese food and sparklers. All I can say is it has been a while since I’ve had a lazy-ish night like that. I can’t wait for the next excuse to have such a laid back night.