Reading between the sheets

Reading between the sheets

Perhaps it is the fact that I’m getting older, or maybe because I have a brand new space to decorate, but I’ve been getting homewares in a big way. Most recently I’ve been looking at all the bedding.

It fascinates me to see the design trends that permeate through the industry. Take for example crushed velvet, of which I am questionable on at best. They have every conceivable piece of clothing available in jewel tone crushed velvet. Not sure if I would like to wear it, but the bedding options look so fun! This green velvet quilt cover from Kip and Co looks so inviting.

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 4.38.15 pm

There are so many cost effective yet tasteful options that I’m really loving. I’m not one for colour themes or matchy matchy, but I do like cohesion. So whether it is that bold colour that brings all your bedding together, or even basic neutrals. Count me in. I’m a sucker for texture too, especially this soft and smooshy Adairs quilted quilt cover.

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 4.40.15 pm.png

And lets not forget that I’m going through a serious plant phase at the moment. I can’t help but be slightly intrigued by the botanical pattern on this fog quilt cover set also by Adairs. It reminds me of an x-ray, and it feels somewhat eerie but fun.

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 5.08.27 pm.png

I’m loving the wide variety of patterns, colours and textures that we have available to us in Australia in regards to bedding. After all, we spend a good proportion of our overall lives in bed!

Taking stock: December 2017

Taking stock: December 2017

I’ve spotted these ‘taking stock’ posts (first seen at Meet Me at Mike’s) around the place. I haven’t taken part in it before, but being the end of year and feeling all 懐かしい (find the meaning here) I decided to take some time out and declutter my brain. I don’t know about you but I don’t really make any new year’s resolutions either. I like to think I just go with the flow. 

December has been a blur of constructing greeting cards, wrapping presents and just general life. We purchased an apartment off the plan and now it’s coming to completion, it feels as if there are a billion and one things on the list that never, ever seems to get shorter.


Making: A bunch of knitted Christmas gifts. I can’t reveal what they are just yet, but I thought I had started early on these. Turns out not early enough. I’m making a mental note for next year to start earlier if I want to go down this path again.

Cooking: Over the weekend we had a dinner party with some friends, on the menu were marinated chicken wings, roast pork, veggies, lasagne and a hummingbird cake. So good.

Drinking: Copious amounts of water. Sydney weather is forecast to be in the high thirties, so staying hydrated with my fancy new Memo Bottle.

Reading: Classic Style by Kate Schelter. Well really I’m admiring the pretty watercolour illustrations that accompany minimal living.

Next read: There isn’t anything on my list at the moment, but I’m really into biographies these days. I recently finished reading a book by Yeonmi Park, a North Korean defector.

Wanting: Time off work. It can’t come soon enough. I thought this time of year would be winding down, but nope. It’s all gogogogo.

Looking: For my next craft on-the-go project. I like having something to do on my (short) train ride into work.

Playing: A really interesting YouTube video on why people are awkward. See here.

Deciding: On which phone to purchase next. Tossing up the X or the Pixel. Both have their pros and cons but I am running out of time and need a new phone, stat.

Wishing: For the Sydney weather to show some mercy for the Christmas break.

Enjoying: The prospect of having 2 weeks off work. No meetings. No phone calls.  No emails. Yes.

Waiting: For this day to be over. Meetings hurt my head.

Liking: This taking stock process. It is forcing me to reflect back on myself and what I’ve achieved this past few weeks.

Wondering: If I’ll do this more regularly. It feels quite therapeutic.

Loving: A giant therapeutic stuffed bear I bought from MiniSo the other day. He sits on my bed and looks super cute.

Pondering: How many questions are left on this thing?

Considering: Finishing this later, I’m running out of steam here. Hah.

Buying: Nothing really, I’m trying to stay away from the shops these last few days. I hate hate hate the holiday crowds.

Watching: Brooklyn, starring Saoirse Ronan. I’ve been meaning to watch it since it came out, and got super excited when I spied it whilst browsing SBS on Demand last night.

Next watch: The OA on Netflix. It stars Emory Cohen who starred in the previously mentioned Brooklyn.

Hoping: The lead up to Christmas would slow down a little. I love this time of year. Being able to enjoy festive food and celebrate non-stop!

Marvelling: At all the Christmas lights in my neighbourhood. I love it.

Cringing: All of the vloggers clutching at straws for vlogmas. Taylor R started her viral Christmas tree eyebrow trend the other week.

Needing: Coffee. All. The. Time.

Questioning: Whether I want to redo the layout of this blog.

Smelling: Wild Bluebells from Jo Malone. Loving this scent for summer. It is just so floral and fruity at the same time.

Wearing: Dresses and skirts. Aforementioned heat has dictated it be so.

Following: A bunch of JVLOGGERS. I’m getting obsessed with Japan all over again in preparation for my next trip and I’m SO EXCITED.

Noticing: The ladies that wear slippers to work. Is that appropriate in a corporate environment?

Knowing: There are only 5 days to Christmas. Eep!

Thinking: About how much there is left to do before Christmas! Double eep!

Admiring: How creative some people are getting with wrapping their Christmas pressies.

Sorting: Through life.

Getting: Antsy.

Bookmarking: I’ve been pinning loads of homeware and furnishing ideas lately.

Coveting: A capsule wardrobe. But I like things too much and that will never, ever happen. A gal can dream.

Disliking: Jake Gyllenhaal in Enemy. I really admire Jake as an actor, but this movie did not do him any favours.

Opening: The Hey! VINA app on my phone – I love finding (platonic) friends to match with on the app, but I’m so terrible at

Giggling: Not really.

Feeling: Like I really need to go to the bathroom after drinking aforementioned copious amounts of water to get through this heatwave.

Snacking: ThinkFood Munch snacks. I love the entire range but almond trail is probably my go-to right now.

Hearing: Sia’s Christmas album (on repeat) – after seeing her in concert the other week, she has pretty much dominated my playlist.

Catching up + pretty things

Catching up + pretty things

Yet another life-is-hectic-woe-is-me post. I’m in an endless cycle of my day job and side projects. Unfortunately the side projects are as digital as my day job so there isn’t much variety to be had. But that’s alright. I am missing making something a little more physical. My plants are crying for attention. I did notice that my asparagus plants have been sprouting some spears. I must make an asparagus centric dish one day soon.

I took Tuesday off last week as I had to pick up my mum who spent a month in the USA visiting my aunties. She brought back a tonne of chocolate and lollies – all in a giant box (in addition to her suitcase) that probably weighed more than I do.

H took the day off too, and we decided to go to DFO to take advantage of being out and about on a week day (oh the luxury!). We drove down to Homebush after having a lovely brunch at Kitchen by Mike and admiring some very colourful and pretty flowers. I opted for the pork belly with some beetroot, freekah and goats cheese – amazing by the way!

kitchen by mike

I managed to pick up four Essie polishes at $6 each. Loving DFO! I didn’t realise they were renovating and extending upwards! Good move if you ask me. I’m looking forward to the new stores that are opening in the not too distant future.

essie polishes

I put in an order for a piece of jewellery I’ve long been coveting. I’ve seen it on a few other bloggers and I just haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. I even got a Forever 21 version for $2, but it was chunky and just didn’t satisfy my desire. I got it last week and haven’t been able to take it off since! I’m definitely going through a dainty ring phase.

jordan askill

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far!

Accidental shoe shopping

Accidental shoe shopping

I’ll confess. The other morning when I was on the train to work, three Vietnamese ladies came on board, chattering about something (I’m not Vietnamese, so I wouldn’t know). One of them took out a David Jones bag, and pulled out a shiny gold Oroton box. I had to take a covert shot to remember the pretty booties.


Another inspected its contents – a pair of pretty tan boots. A little online sleuthing later that day discovered they were the Supreme boots. I noted the price on the box, $445. Then I spotted the mark down sticker on the shoe. $99.

Yes. Just $99.

So I quickly made a mental note to visit David Jones later that day. Probably a bad thing. As I ended up with two pairs of shoes. Granted they both had a leather sole, lining and upper.

Later that evening I went up to the shoe level of DJ’s and it was shoe-heaven. Tables filled with all sorts of shoes. Flats, heels, boots, sandals. I suppose it is mid-season and the transition period is beginning.



Unfortunately I didn’t find any Oroton boots in my size. I did walk away with two pairs of heels though. One set of Milana booties ($89 down from $300), leather upper, sole and lining, and the second a pair of Robert Robert heels ($49 down from $200). Orchid purple suede heels with patent black cap toes, also leather upper, sole and lining.  I think they will be good work staples. I really couldn’t believe how much they were marked down!

Please excuse the iPhone photo quality. I still need to waterproof these… But maybe they will come out a little closer to winter.


Have you found any great bargains in the mid season sales? Would love to hear about them!

Gnocchi obsession

Gnocchi obsession

I’ve had a bit of a crazy week filled with lots of food and coffee (no surprises there). I never understood gnocchi. From a young age, my first and only experience had been the Latina Fresh version which was nothing compared to how it was supposed to taste. So I went through most of my life not knowing what it was supposed to taste like – until I tried some from H’s plate when he ordered it.

I fell in love with its pillowy goodness. Light and fluffy. I couldn’t believe I had been depriving myself of such an awesome pasta for so long. Anyway. Long story short I became obsessed. I was determined to make it myself. H was skeptical. But I usually have my way. Anyway. I made it in bulk over the weekend. For freezing. To eat. For the next few months.

If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be hiding under a giant pile of gnocchi.


Marathon weekend of rain, macarons, coffee and pigs.

Marathon weekend of rain, macarons, coffee and pigs.

Another weekend over. I had a pretty full on weekend. Lots of happenings which is just how I like them. Friday was St George OpenAir cinema. Sydney-siders would know that a scary storm rolled in just before 5pm, and we doubted whether we’d actually make it to the screening. I monitored the announcements on Facebook during dinner, which was spent at the always-amazing Cafe Sopra. H and I split the lamb ragu, lemon + chilli linguine and rosemary + garlic focaccia. Finished off with a lovely pink dessert wine matched with the chocolate fondant. Perfection. Please excuse the grainy mobile phone photos.


We wandered over after 8pm, and the storms had passed. We watched Broken City with Mark Wahlberg Marky Mark, Russell Crowe, Catherine Zeta-Jones and a whole bunch of other people. The premise was captivating, albeit a little predictable. I did enjoy it, but probably not as much as the boy. It’s classified as a thriller, but I thought it was a bit “dumbed down” and there were a lot of points where it was quite predictable. Maybe I’m being overly critical. I wore my HK gumboots.

open air cinema

Open Air cinema

We walked back to Pyrmont afterwards, but not before stopping by Adriano Zumbo, where we caught a glimpse of previous Masterchef Australia contestant, Julia Taylor.

Julia Taylor

Anyway. Saturday was spent picking up a pig. Yep. A pig for a family gathering I had later that night. Whole pigs are particularly horrifying for me, despite being delicious. It is known as lechon for the Filipinos playing at home.

Piggy aka lechon

After picking up the pig, we decided to have a quick brunch at Bread and Circus complete with iced coffee + espresso ice cream that I spoke about in a previous post. I figured we needed a bit of a pick-me-up before the family dinner.
bread and circus + campos
I had the egg salad sandwich (a-m-a-z-i-n-g). It came deconstructed. I love their bread too. H got some toast with haloumi and some chocolate coconut spread. It sorta tasted like Nutella, but with more of a virgin coconut taste. So tasty.

Bread and Circus

H’s spread looks a bit icky here, but trust me, it was good. Bread and Circus can never disappoint! Haloumi is always a winner too. A perfect tasty and salty flavour.Toast

Hopefully you had a good weekend too!

Pugs + cake

Pugs + cake

I should be used to the disappointment that hump day brings, but I’m really not. I do wish the weekend would return in all its glory. The last one was filled with adorable catch ups with cute babies and bouncy puppies. I finally got around to meeting this little guy. Who enjoyed chewing on one of the pom poms I made.

Frank the pug

I took the train into work as I do each work morning. It was all smooth sailing until I hit the Sydney CBD. Out of the blue there was a toddler yelling discernible words at the top of his/her lungs. This continued all through the underground tunnel journey. The parents did absolutely nothing to pacify or discipline the child.

Mind you this is an early morning peak hour train crammed with people. I’m not saying all children should be seen and not heard, but a little consideration for fellow commuters and trying to control your child would go a long way. Anyway.

Anyway. Enough ranting. I did a bit of present hunting. We went over to Westfield and parking was horrendous. And to think that it will only get worse from here. Better get cracking on those presents.

H got the keys to the apartment. I have to say that it will not be good being so close to such great food and desserts. The first night there and I’m already buying Zumbo cakes.

Zumbo cake