My introduction to J. Crew

My introduction to J. Crew

US brands are becoming much more accessible with the advent of parcel forwarders. A few months ago, I put together a large haul of stuff, and happened to do some window shopping on the J. Crew website. You really have to wait around for the sales to be good at J. Crew. But when they’re good. They’re really good.

My choices included a few shirts (some from the girls’ department – OOPS). Oh and a one piece swim suit for my upcoming trip! I’m so excited. Anyway. They had another sale up yesterday and I couldn’t resist doing a bit of window shopping. No purchasing for me this time. I’m supposedly on a spending ban. Ahem.

j crew

one. A cute and colourful diamond stripe scarf (AU$73.50).

two. I adore sparkly statement necklaces like this crystal floral garland necklace (AU$130.70).

three. The Saint James for J. Crew Shrunken tee (AU$89.19) is perfect for spring days.

four. A Liberty of London printed pouch (AU$43.00)- I love the  colours and playful patterns.

five. A pencil skirt in pinwheel eyelet (AU$103.90)- feminine and classic.

What have you bought from J. Crew lately?

Catching up + pretty things

Catching up + pretty things

Yet another life-is-hectic-woe-is-me post. I’m in an endless cycle of my day job and side projects. Unfortunately the side projects are as digital as my day job so there isn’t much variety to be had. But that’s alright. I am missing making something a little more physical. My plants are crying for attention. I did notice that my asparagus plants have been sprouting some spears. I must make an asparagus centric dish one day soon.

I took Tuesday off last week as I had to pick up my mum who spent a month in the USA visiting my aunties. She brought back a tonne of chocolate and lollies – all in a giant box (in addition to her suitcase) that probably weighed more than I do.

H took the day off too, and we decided to go to DFO to take advantage of being out and about on a week day (oh the luxury!). We drove down to Homebush after having a lovely brunch at Kitchen by Mike and admiring some very colourful and pretty flowers. I opted for the pork belly with some beetroot, freekah and goats cheese – amazing by the way!

kitchen by mike

I managed to pick up four Essie polishes at $6 each. Loving DFO! I didn’t realise they were renovating and extending upwards! Good move if you ask me. I’m looking forward to the new stores that are opening in the not too distant future.

essie polishes

I put in an order for a piece of jewellery I’ve long been coveting. I’ve seen it on a few other bloggers and I just haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. I even got a Forever 21 version for $2, but it was chunky and just didn’t satisfy my desire. I got it last week and haven’t been able to take it off since! I’m definitely going through a dainty ring phase.

jordan askill

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far!

Mariner lamps

Mariner lamps

I have a thing for lamps, which is probably evident through many posts on my blog. Add some pretty pastels to the mix and I’m definitely drawn in. Fleet Objects have designed a series entitled Mariner lamps, inspired by objects that float in the water. I do admit that buoys bobbing up and down intrigue me. Not just because of its fancy spelling, but the movement and sense of freedom despite being tied down. Quite the oxymoron. I’ve never been one to enjoy floating in the ocean. I don’t think I’m buoyant enough, and rely on life jackets for the most part. But these I enjoy. The soft colours and organic shapes just draw me in.

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A few days on

A few days on

A post a few days after applying a Seche Vite coated manicure. I’m slowly getting chips on my nails. Except, they aren’t really chips, but more of a ‘wearing down’ of the polish at the tips. I’m usually very OCD about any chips that appear in my polish and can’t help but give in to the compulsion of removing the entire set. My current polish has lasted me a good five days. This might seem normal to you but I don’t treat my mani’s very well and tend to take off the polish after 2-3 days.

I seem to be on a lovely little spending spree lately. I should dedicate some time to documenting my purchases with pretty photos, but time usually just doesn’t allow. I bought earrings to match my rhinestone necklace the other day. I got the River Island Half Moon Rhinestone Earrings from Asos. After receiving them yesterday, they were a little bigger than I imagined. Still pretty, but I wouldn’t wear them at the same time as the necklace. Unless I was going for the bourgeois look. I don’t think so.

A blue sort of feeling.

A blue sort of feeling.

I’m liking the colour blocking concept. But it is getting to the point where the fashion scene is just saturated with it. I guess that happens with fads. So I thought I’d stick to just one colour. There are some amazing shades of blue out there at the moment. Considering that most of my wardrobe consists of black, white and grey (and mostly purple), blue seems like a nice change.


01. I’ve been on the hunt for a lovely shoulder day bag to carry essentials since mine is on its way out. This one from Asos is cute.

02. This looks like a ring that I already own in black. I love huge sparkly cocktail rings. The blue looks so mesmerising.

03. I have developed a slight obsession with silk scarves after this winter season. This Pucci scarf is on sale. Love the pattern!

04. Along with large cocktail rings, I have a weakness for giant enamel earrings that can hide amongst my hair but still makes a statement.

05. Bright skinny belts would be a cost effective way to update a black and white wardrobe. How very cerulean.