I heart Ikea

I heart Ikea

Yep. I really do love Ikea.

Not just for their generic yet fun-to-assemble furniture. Or even for their $4.95 non-stick frying pans (SUCH GOOD VALUE). I love Ikea for their 50c soft serve cones.

I can never visit Ikea without buying an ice cream from their ultra fancy machines. I’m most likely just a kid at heart but it is just too much fun to pass up a chance to slot in a token and watch it swirl out a perfectly formed ice cream cone. I always make it a point to visit the machine before entering the store as a reward for meandering through that crazy maze of Swedish furniture. I couldn’t resist making a gif.

What do you like about Ikea?

ikea ice cream

PS I am super behind on my blog reading! I hope to get on top of things this week. Hopefully.

PPS I hope everybody had an amazing long weekend! Xx

Lunching at The Fish Shop

Lunching at The Fish Shop

I had lunch at The Fish Shop yesterday. I’ve been here once before but never got the chance to do a proper food post. H was craving some fish, and I was more than happy to oblige. Being part of the Merivale empire, The Fish Shop doesn’t disappoint. We found that street parking was quite a-plenty on a Saturday afternoon – I admit I was a little surprised!

For entrees, we began with crispy school prawns with garlic mayo. H and I shared this dish, and although the prawns still come with shell and all, they are quite easy to munch down on and so easy to pop down like fries! The garlic mayo was slightly tangy and complemented the prawns well.

Crispy school prawns

We ordered two main dishes, the first being fish and chips. Golden fillets of fish battered and deep-fried on top of a bed of hand cut fries. It comes with a pot of chunky tartare sauce and obligatory wedge of lemon.

Fish and Chips Read more

Monday Musings

Monday Musings

  • I really don’t dig people who become defensive at a drop of a hat. I probably shouldn’t be so negative Nelly on this one, but I just can’t stand it when you give someone neutral advice and they take the defensive. A simple ‘thanks, but no thanks’ would suffice.
  • Obligatory comment about the weather: it is seriously cray-z. It went all dark and gloomy at about 3pm yesterday, then it bucketed down with an accompaniment of thunder and lightning. It is absolutely glorious outside right now, but apparently it will pour down this afternoon.
  • I’m hooked on Pretty Little Liars. It really is the most shallow and inaccurate show I’ve ever seen (I’ve poked countless holes in the storyline), yet I keep watching it. I’ve finished season one and am onto season two now. This is how I spent my stormy afternoon yesterday.
  • I’m eagerly awaiting a parcel today. I keep checking the tracking online secretly hoping that it will make it arrive all the more quicker, but I highly down this will happen. Let me just refresh one more time… It just arrived.
  • I’m craving some gelato from my trip up north earlier in the year. They had the most amazing flavours. Every day we would drop by and the range of flavours would vary slightly from the previous. I regret not trying lemon, lime and bitters (in the photo below).

Gelato at Kingscliff

An impromptu trip to Ikea

An impromptu trip to Ikea

Sydney is on the verge of receiving a very large Ikea store. As it was a long weekend here, I was debating what to do. With nothing really to purchase, H and I decided to roam around the aisles of the old Ikea before the new one opens with no real goal in mind. This was probably a bad thing in retrospect, but wandering around the store provided much exercise and a lot of good bargains along the way. We bought a griddle pan, a cheap-but-expensive looking photo frame for a print of mine and some jars to store loose leaf tea.

It was much less packed in the parking lot than when I last went a few years ago. I guess the hype has died down somewhat. Although I expect it to pick up again once the new store opens in Tempe (which coincidentally is closer to me). I was highly tempted by the textiles section, but pulled myself away. I just don’t have much time to devote to craft projects these days.

Lovely light fixtures in the lobby. These were quite large. And 200 bucks a piece. Still very elegant and pretty.
A giant pile of cheap, wooden hangers. I don't think I'd be able to fit my clothes into my wardrobe with chunky wooden hangers. But they're supposed to be better for your clothes.
I was amused at how much this thing looked like a regal sceptor. I thought it was pretty and just between us, I spent some time pretending I was royalty. Oops.
So many frying pans. The upside was that one of these frying pans cost only four bucks. If I didn't already have a scanpan, I'd be all over this bizz.
Another giant stuffed vegetable. This time in an upside down carrot form. Why is he upside down?
A cute (and giant) stuffed brocolli. I wonder if this makes kids eat their vege.
Small silver and glass jars that I thought were perfect to store some of my loose leaf tea.
Ended the trip with a 50 cent soft serve cone.
Spring adventures at the fish markets

Spring adventures at the fish markets

My apologies, I have been updating my Tumblr more regularly than this blog. I’m becoming a fan of the general worldly conditions, referring to the lovely sunny spring weather and the gloriously long days. I quite like being able to get out of work while it is still light out. I can’t wait until summer rolls around and I get to go hang out by the beach. I don’t consider myself to be a beach kinda gal, but something about summer just draws you to the coast.

Spring announced its presence last weekend, and I took advantage of it. H and I made a trip down to the fish markets to a) get some fish for dinner and b) get some friedd fish for lunch. Two birds. One stone. You know the deal. We indulged in foods of the fried and iced variety. Ate lunch at Doyles Seafood Restaurant, where we had our pick of an assortment of crunchy golden seafood. Lunch was followed by a caramel pecan ice cream sandwich from Pat and Stick’s at the nearby deli. I love these sandwiches. I should really look into how to make them at home sometime.

Fried Seafood
Fried barramundi, calamari and a scallop mornay for good measure.
Ice cream sandwich
Caramel pecan ice cream sandwich from Pat and Sticks.