Shoes and manicures

Shoes and manicures

Continuing on with my increasing cynicism, I’m noticing that one (random) person during my peak hour train trip to work who without fail stops right before the ticket turnstiles before rummaging through their bag to find their train ticket. Meanwhile I’m always the unlucky one who stands directly behind them and can’t go into any other lanes else I be banished into the bad books by other disgruntled city workers. Oh I really must stop noticing such silly things.

I’ve resorted to online window shopping. I’m on a self imposed spending ban until my trip in 80-something days. I found these super cute J.Crew t-bar flats. I’d love them even more if they came in a leather slash satin black combination. I really want black t-bar shoes. Whether they be flats or heels, I don’t think I’d mind.

Jcrew Tbar shoes

I’ve been really uninspired with manicures lately. I’m not sure what it is, but I find myself sticking to solid colours. I haven’t really touched my nail stamps that much this month. Here’s hoping that’ll change this month. I did a pseudo-skittle manicure with some purple and sparkles the other day. Nothing interesting. As is life. Le sigh.


Here’s hoping I’ll have something a little more interesting to post about next time. Hah.

Confetti-system inspired update.

Confetti-system inspired update.

I thought I owed the blog an update on the DIY project I worked on a while ago. I finished my confetti-system inspired streamers a few months ago now. I hung it up over the TV. Not sure where its final place will be yet. I stuck them up temporarily in the corner. We’ll see if it stays there. I have a feeling this will be donated to the upcoming bachelorette party along with a bunch of flower bombs. Just need to see if it fits the colour scheme.

And of course it wouldn’t be a post without a photo of my manicure. I used a sparkly gold base and stamped over it with a maze-esque pattern from the Winstonia plates.

Confetti system inspired streamers

Ballet madness

Ballet madness

When I was six, I remember wanting nothing more than to go to ballet lessons. I asked my mum if I could and she enrolled me in a ballet class run by an old woman and her even older mother. It didn’t last for very long. I remember there was one girl in particular who was the “alpha female” of the group and bossed the rest of the girls around.

I grew bored of ballet lessons and the associated unpleasantness, but I  loved my ballet shoes for a long time after. They weren’t anything special, just those cheapo Jiffies that my mum had altered with some pink satin ribbon for ankle ties. It seemed the thing to do. Anyway. I loved them so much that I eventually went on to buy some terry fabric Jiffies to wear around the house.  They came in a bunch of colours. Did you ever own a pair of Jiffies?


I found some photos off old eBay listings. I just read a forum saying they aren’t appropriate ballet footwear as they don’t provide sufficient support. Oops.

Fast forward to 2013, I’m still obsessed with ballet flats. I bought two pairs in the past couple of weeks. I still have a couple of ballet flats that remain unused as I still need to spray them with waterproofer, but I just couldn’t resist the flats I got on sale. I got the Bella flats from the Forever New outlet at DFO. The gold sparkle drew me in, and the low heel sealed the deal. At $20 for leather lined shoes, I couldn’t say no. I figure they’d look good with a pair of skinny leg jeans.

forever new bella flats


The second pair I got from Sambag. These Tina shiraz ballet flats were originally $175, but were marked down to $52. It was one of those online only sales. I thought twice about this purchase as I still have a few Sambag flats that I haven’t yet work (shame on me). I figure I can resell these if I don’t get around to wearing them, but something tells me I’ll get some decent use out of them. Now to remember to waterproof these!

sambag shiraz tina

Have you bought any bargains lately?


The low down on watches

The low down on watches

Until a few weeks ago, I had given up on wearing watches. The advent of phones meant that I was always carrying some electronic device that left my wrist free and bare for bangles and bracelets. The chunky watch trend caught my eye, and it drew me back in. The Marc by Marc Jacobs Riviera watch is my current favourite. I bought it in rose gold with multi coloured crystals. Below is the watch in black. Looks pretty schmick.

Marc Jacobs

The Marc by Marc Jacobs Large Blade Chrono watch is also striking in gun-metal grey. Albeit useless for me as I’d have no clue how to use the chronograph functionality. I really do like the metal colouring on this MBMJ watch.

Marc Jacobs

I’ve been increasingly drawn to gold. Not sure why as I’ve been a silver girl for as long as I can remember. This Michael Kors Men’s Runway watch is just the perfect combination. I love the sapphire face with the gold.Marc Jacobs

What do you think of the chunky watch trend? Classic or passing fad?

Manicure: Orange and gold flowers

Manicure: Orange and gold flowers

Just another quick manicure post. For this one I used OPI Chopsticking to my Story, and BYS Midas Touch. This was a first using this combination. I like the subtlety, but there were times where I wanted the gold to stand out a touch more. I guess it is a little something away from my usual black and white stamping. I love how vibrant this orange is.

Orange and gold nail stamping Read more

Manicure: Gold tape nail art stripes

Manicure: Gold tape nail art stripes

Summer is most definitely in full swing in Sydney today. Except for the mornings and evenings where it goes as low as 10 degrees. Which I (nor my wardrobe) don’t fully comprehend. I’ve been noticing my nail polish colour choice gradually go from dark purples and blues, to pastels and shiny metallic shades. I much prefer summer to winter, probably because its easier to escape the heat into air conditioning than to find a place that has adequate heating.

But I digress. My latest nail adventures involve tape. I got a whole lot of striping tape in a load of different metallic colours for cheap off eBay. It came with a milky white one that I don’t use often, so I decided to use it and try my hand at some tape nail art.

Gold stripe nail art

I used a gold base colour polish Bys Midas Touch, topped with my go-to nude polish, OPI Tickle my Francey.

Gold nail tape art

OPI Gold and nude nail art

Here are some tips I discovered along the way for tape nail art:

  • Make the tape less tacky by sticking it on your hand first before placing it on your nail. This ensures that it doesn’t bring up the last layer of polish you lay down when you peel the tape off of your nail!
  • I’ve read a lot of different tips out there, but personally after I stick on the tape, I put on a thin (but runny) layer of polish on and peel the tape immediately to ensure crisp lines.
  • Tweezers are extremely useful for picking up edges of tape whilst your nails are still wet.
  • Have fun and experiment with different tape shapes and sizes!
Manicure: Coral flowers

Manicure: Coral flowers

I more often than not repeat manicure colour combinations when I favour them. Coral and gold is no exception. I’ve definitely used it more than once. This particular combination is Bys Midas Touch with OPI Grand Canyon Sunset over the top. The gold is more of a rich yellow gold, although it varies in the sun quite a bit. Below is what I ended up with. All the specific details about this mani are under the cut!

OPI Grand Canyon Sunset and Bys Midas Touch

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