Five things

Five things

Sydney weather is a bit unpredictable at the moment I never know what to wear so I’ve been wearing a lot of layers and peeling/putting them on as required. I put together my latest five obsessions of the moment, and seemingly they are very cool-weather focused!

ONE. Glasshouse candles are becoming an obsession. Well obsession is probably an understatement. I have about three different variations open around the house. I love them. The mimosa and wild apple scent is my current favourite. I love them so much I decided to make an animated gif out of it.


TWO. My birthday vanilla lamington from My Little Cupcake was TDF. A perfect light cake encased in vanilla frosting and smothered in coconut flakes. Now to try the ones from Flour and Stone to compare. I really should lay off the sugar.

Vanilla lamington

THREE. But wait! More sugar. Banoffee torte from Cafe Sopra. My weakness. I can never say no to a good banoffee torte. Just thinking about it makes me salivate. I love the caramel and biscuit base, and the banana is just a little something extra. Adore the textures.


FOUR. I’m loving the free art exhibitions that run across Sydney. H and I ventured over to 13 rooms down at Walsh Bay. It was my first exposure to performance art. I have to say that it did make me feel a bit uneasy at first, but overall I found it very interesting!

Art exhibitions

FIVE. There isn’t anything better than a lazy Sunday lunch with a glass of wine (or two). Any excuse will do really. It was a cold autumn day and we had pasta and osso bucco. Love.

Lazy Sunday wine lunches

What are you doing to keep warm this season?

Late lunching at The Milk Bar (by Cafe Ish)

Late lunching at The Milk Bar (by Cafe Ish)

The boy and I went over to The Milk Bar the other day for a late lunch. This was our first time to the cafe, though we had been to Cafe Ish a handful of times when it was still open over at Surry Hills. Funnily enough we ran into a couple of our friends – unfortunately as they were finishing up. But we managed to get a few good recommendations before they left. One of them being the bounty milkshake.

The Milk Bar by Cafe Ish

The lovely, thick chocolate and coconut flavours make you wish it were a never-ending glass. Each table was garnished with pretty white flowers and added a little extra something to the room.

The Milk Bar by Cafe Ish

The thick shake had a lovely sprinkling of toasted coconut on top. Such attention to detail.

The Milk Bar by Cafe Ish

I opted for the $5 cheeseburger + fries combo. I personally think it was the perfect size for one person. It arrived with a healthy dollop of aioli which was a perfect match with the crunchy fries.

The Milk Bar by Cafe Ish

We ordered some crispy chicken wings in a crab sauce, which were sticky and piping hot. Of course these were eaten with the absence of cutlery. I loved these!

The Milk Bar by Cafe Ish

H and I split the two mains, so we decided to split dessert too. After some decision time, we ordered a Malteser pie, which had a buttery crisp crust with a chocolate mousse filling. Overall a perfect way to end a great meal.

The Milk Bar by Cafe Ish

105 Regent Street
Redfern NSW 2016

Lunching at The Fish Shop

Lunching at The Fish Shop

I had lunch at The Fish Shop yesterday. I’ve been here once before but never got the chance to do a proper food post. H was craving some fish, and I was more than happy to oblige. Being part of the Merivale empire, The Fish Shop doesn’t disappoint. We found that street parking was quite a-plenty on a Saturday afternoon – I admit I was a little surprised!

For entrees, we began with crispy school prawns with garlic mayo. H and I shared this dish, and although the prawns still come with shell and all, they are quite easy to munch down on and so easy to pop down like fries! The garlic mayo was slightly tangy and complemented the prawns well.

Crispy school prawns

We ordered two main dishes, the first being fish and chips. Golden fillets of fish battered and deep-fried on top of a bed of hand cut fries. It comes with a pot of chunky tartare sauce and obligatory wedge of lemon.

Fish and Chips Read more

Brunch at Wilbur’s Place

Brunch at Wilbur’s Place

I’m always on the hunt for a gourmet sandwich place for brunch. I had read a few review of Wilbur’s Place and knew this was a place that I needed to visit. They had me at ‘pork crackling’. H and I arrived there mid afternoon, and there was still a steady stream of people for the lunch time sitting. It isn’t a large cafe by any means, but its lovely and cosy and was an oasis of warmth and hearty food on a rainy winter day.

Brisket Sambo with Slaw & Dijonnaise

H opted for the Brisket Sambo with Slaw & Dijonnaise. It came out piping hot, and all too appetising. The amazing aromas wafted towards me as the waitress set the plate down.

Suckling Pig Roll, Mustard Pickles, Dill Mayo & Crackling

I chose the Suckling Pig Plate, Mustard Pickles, Dill Mayo, White Beans & Crackling. I knew I had to have this dish when I spied it on the menu. The crisp crackling and tender-fall-apart-in-your-mouth pork was all that and more. Of course the beans were a lovely creamy addition.

I was holding out for the Toasted Brioche Ice Cream Sandwich with Caramel for dessert, but as luck would have it, their freezers were broken and all the ice cream had melted. Oh well. A reason to visit again in the near future!

36 Llankelly Place
Potts Point, NSW

Tacos at El Loco

Tacos at El Loco

I was at the receiving end of an amusing telemarketer call who was attempting to better my mobile phone plan. It ended with her unable to do me a better deal, instead asking me about my home phone, which I don’t manage. In any case, it was the highlight of my day, which is somewhat sad by any means. Oh well.

H and I have frequented El Loco (of the Merivale empire) quite a bit over the past couple of weeks, but I haven’t really posted any of my photos. Note I don’t have many, and the few that I do are a bit grainy, so I do apologise. The Mexican craze has hit Sydney, with multiple taqueria’s popping up of all shapes and sizes. We got chip n’ dip, a range of tacos, and ended with some churros accompanied by a dulce de leche honey and orange dipping sauce.

Panda came with us on this outing.

Panda and Tacos


DIY Brunch

DIY Brunch

I decided I’d do a lazy brunch this morning. I was missing bacon, but I made do. I took some chives and whisked them into eggs and a little mozzarella cheese. I popped a hash brown in the oven and pan grilled some garlic mushrooms. Finished it off with two slices of toast and orange juice.

I wish I had some bacon.

A trip to Miss Chu’s

A trip to Miss Chu’s

Ohh I’ve been super slack in updating. It is just so easy to go and get sidetracked by other things. The cold weather has settled in for a few months yet, and the days are getting shorter. Let’s say I’m not the biggest winter fan.

This is yet another instalment into my culinary adventures. I seem to be going through an Asian food phase. I’m craving more noodle soups and dumplings. Probably because of this weather. A friend recommended Miss Chu’s a while ago, so when we found ourselves with nothing better to do, we decided a stop to the tuck shop on Oxford Street was in order.

Green tea

We started off with some green tea. A cup will set you back $2 per person. I love the little ‘popcorn-esque’ bits that float on top of the water.

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