Bringing the outside in

Bringing the outside in

I’m determined to make my desk clutter-free.

At the moment it is very much the opposite. I won’t indulge you with a photo of the current state of my desk post-Japan, as it is akin to my suitcase exploding all over the house. I’m taking a bit of time to find a permanent home for all the goodies I got.

In the meantime I’ll start by injecting garden blooms into the house. The unusually warm weather has kept my frangipani tree in bloom, and although they don’t last long when they’re cut, I love the room fragrance they offer.


Oh I also bought some new shoes last month. I gave into the lace trend and got a cheap and cheerful brown suede pair from Zara. If you know anything about me you’ll know I’m all about black, so these brown shoes are a step outside my comfort zone, so let’s see if I can mix and match them into my daily wardrobe.


And now I think I’ll be on a spending ban. Have you bought anything new? Show me what you’ve bought! I want to live vicariously through everyone else. <3

Summer in bloom

Summer in bloom

It’s not even lunch time and I’m feeling a bit indifferent about this entire day. It’s a balmy 29ºC outside. Although it feels much warmer (+ muggy). On the plus side it seems that my tropical flowering trees/plants are loving it and are on full bloomin’ mode. Not complaining. I love them and will lop them off and put them in a vase first chance I get :D


I know you aren’t meant to cut and vase frangipani, but I couldn’t resist chopping off the bright pink and yellow blossoms that appeared on my tree and putting it in a bowl vase. Of course it didn’t last for very long but left the room with an amazing scent. Also, am still loving my gold scissors from Hay.


Rifle Paper Co sale on Notemaker

Rifle Paper Co sale on Notemaker

I’ve been a long time admirer of Rifle Paper Co – I’ve seen some custom illustrations that are nothing short of adorable! Notemaker has a flash sale on all Rifle Paper Co stationery at the moment and I have my eye on a couple of bits and pieces. I would love to get some blank cards to frame, although I’m afraid I have very little wallspace left to hang anything up. Maybe for now it will just be looky-lou only!


Not that I’m engaged, but this card is so sweet. Such a cute idea for pulling together your super special bridal party. The colour combinations are always spot on and I love the overall aesthetic of their illustrations.


Paris will always have my heart. This would be a perfect candidate to frame and put next to some of the snapshots I have from France. Reminder to self: print out European trip photos!

Check out the sale here.

Life in flowers

Life in flowers

As per usual, I can barely keep up with everything. I can’t believe that it is almost the end of the year. Seriously. So much has happened and everything has whizzed by way too quickly. Note to self, must stop and look at the pretty flowers more often before the year is out. All these flowers have come into bloom in my garden without me realising. Need to bring some into the house and fill all the vases.
fleurI had a horrible experience this morning with this Asian woman on the train who kept digging her bag into my backside, I assume in an effort to move me faster through a slow crowd. Seriously lady, I don’t think your tactic is going to achieve anything other than giving me a giant wedgie. Glare.

Cherry blossomsI took photos of cherry blossoms from this little park close by to where we stopped for some lunch in Ainslie. I need to discover more funky eateries in Canberra. Everything has become so trendy in the last few years I can’t keep up. H + I stopped by Questacon and found our inner child (not that they really need any finding).


I realise this post is overly floral, especially paired with my blog background, but I really could not care less. HAPPY SPRING!

Asia 2013: First stop, Manila.

Asia 2013: First stop, Manila.

The original reason for my travels was for my brother’s wedding. Of course it had to be during the most expensive time of year to travel, but that’s alright because I wouldn’t miss it for anything. They decided to have their ceremony at the same place my parents got married at just over 38 years ago – the world heritage listed San Agustin church in Intramuros.


The hotel slash reception venue was the Manila Peninsula, which was almost as spectacular as the church. I loved spending time in the massive foyer with the sparkly Christmas tree. The breakfast buffet here has got to be the best I’ve ever had (no exaggeration). Made-to-order omelettes, waffles, French toast, honey-bacon. I was in heaven. There was no way I’d skip brekkie in the mornings.

manila-penIn between the wedding craziness, we managed to fit in a few shopping trips which no doubt involved lots of food. I overdosed on Cinnabon. I do not kid, I crave it non-stop when I’m not in the Philippines so I ate enough rolls to closely resemble one by the end of the trip. In other news, H acquired a taste for San Mig beer.

food-shotsManila was very kind to us. This trip was probably the mildest weather I’ve encountered – not too hot and sticky. We really didn’t do much sight-seeing in the Philippines on this trip, mostly shopping and eating. Not that I’m complaining. It’s always a good excuse to come back.

weddingWe had our fair share of cocktails. 7 dollar cocktails. Is that even a question? I didn’t think so. I love how cheap everything seems to be in Manila. I somehow acquired 3 new pairs of shoes in one day of shopping.

cocktailsNext stop Singapore! To be continued in another post…



My slight cupcake obsession

My slight cupcake obsession

I’m not exactly sure what prompted my foray into baking the other weekend. Perhaps it was finding a box of angel food cake, or the countless ladies on IG that bake endless numbers of cupcakes and ice them beautifully. Either way. I made me some cupcakes. I picked up a box of Duncan Hines angel food cake mix from David Jones. It was as simple as adding water. The mix produced light and airy cakes that were cracked perfectly on top.


I got my hands on a Wilton 1M piping tip, which does a decent cupcake swirl. I opted for some rosettes on the larger cupcakes, and used a French tip on some of the smaller ones. I used some Cath Kidston-esque patty pans. I love them! I’ve been using them on a few batches and am now running low. I need to find a new place to source some cheap patty pans.




Then of course I had to put them in my cake dome. Just because they look so cute in there. Overall I’m not sure if the angel cake mix was the best choice for the cupcakes, but it certainly gave me the chance to try out the new piping tips. I can’t wait to bake different flavours!


What have you baked lately?

Five things

Five things

Let me tell you, I’m glad that this short week is almost over. It feels like a full week and I’m ready to have a drink or two by the end of tomorrow. So, with that in mind, here are five random things that are making me happy this week.

Nars blush

ONE. A pretty (and untouched) Nars blush. In cactus flower. I’m liking the cream blush thing – this is my first foray into non-powder blush territory and I gotta say, it ain’t half bad!

After work wine

TWO. Impromptu harbour-side drinks. Enjoying the last few remnants of summer and the long days that comes along with it. There is nothing more relaxing than having drinks whilst sitting next to an amazing Sydney view.


THREE. My Easter bunny (disguised as an albino bat) manicure. I want to redo it but I haven’t had time. The glitter however makes me happy every time I look down at my nails.

Yellow liliesFOUR. Pretty yellow lilies that just seem to smile at you when you look at them. Really. They just look so bright and happy and cheery. And I want to stare at them all day. Except that I have work during the day. So I don’t get to stare.


FIVE. My daily soy latte(s) from Mecca Espresso. I really like my coffee. That’s probably an understatement. But. I really do. Like it. There are days that I don’t have a coffee, but most days. I do have that cup of coffee.

What gets you through the working week?