Summer prep

Summer prep

Long time no blog. You’ll find me buried in a giant pile of yarn. I’m trying to get as much knitting in before warmer weather starts. Seemingly I only knit when it’s cold. Although on my recent Melbourne trip, I started prepping for my summer wardrobe.

I bought a bunch of espadrilles in Melbourne. I couldn’t help it, they was a sample sale. Soludos usually retail for $70, but these were one off pairs that were down to the low, low price of $30 each. How could I say no? I purchased 3 pairs in total. Whoops.

I got a pair of flatforms (so comfy), summer stripes and my personal favourite, coffee espadrilles in a seashell pink. Seriously. I cannot deal. I just had to have them. They are a collaboration between Jason Polan and Soludos.

Have you bought anything for summer?


Weekend brunching

Weekend brunching

Hopefully Sydney-siders are surviving the deluge today. It really seems like a little bit of rain makes everyone cray-cray. Just on the train this morning this guy was shaking off his wet brolly in the aisle leaving the floor soaked. My questions is, one wouldn’t do this INSIDE AT HOME, so why would you do it INSIDE A TRAIN? Honestly. /end rant.

I made the most of the sunshine this weekend and went out for some brunch at Mecca. I’m a sucker for their coffee and their grain bowls, but find not much variety otherwise. Otherwise I like to dropping by just for the interiors and the flora. They always have such interesting blooms to decorate their space.


I paid a visit to Mecca on the weekend as H was craving some fried chicken and discovered they had updated their menu with an all day breakfast. Helloooo late brunch. Opting for some scrambled eggs and smoked hash browns (read: more of a rosti) I didn’t leave disappointed.


Obvi went for the coffee as well. The hash browns were crisp and crunchy on the outside, and soft and deliciously tasty on the inside. Definitely will be back for more.

Crafting + Caffeine

Crafting + Caffeine

Eee so busy! I’m finding less time for my creative pursuits these days. I like alternating between different projects at a time. At the moment I have some soft toys partially completed (a kitty and a monkey), as well as a crochet scarf I’m doing for my mum. I really want to introduce a semblance of structure to my crafting, not really sure where to start. I do what I feels. I’ve been living off copious amounts of caffeine in different forms lately. What else is new?


On the plus side I finished a couple of other crochet projects I started a few weeks ago. I made a quick pram blanket and some super cute Converse-esque booties for a friend who just had a baby. Now the challenge is when to pass them onto her before the short window of time when they actually fit elapses.


Five things

Five things

One. I haven’t kept up with documenting my nail adventures lately, but rest assured I’m still avidly collecting those little bottles. I’m debating whether or not I should buy an Ikea drawer to store them in some more of an orderly fashion than in a huge storage bin under my bed, but we’ll see how motivated I really get. I’m still trying to work my way through the Ciate haul I bought from COTD a few weeks ago. I’m keen to try the caviar, but really need the right occasion for it.

Ciate overload

Two. I (quietly) squealed out loud when I saw my favourite brand of cider had come out with some new varieties. It wasn’t even a question that I had to buy the pink lady cider. I’d say that Pink lady and Fuji are my top two apple varieties – I like them sweet. If you’re the same, this won’t disappoint. I’ll be back for the pear later.

Bilpin cider

Three. I got a giant Matches parcel today. Half for me, half for the boy, but it came in this beautiful marbled box. I’ve included my hand in the photo for size reference. You can tell that Matches have thought out the online shopping experience from beginning to end. Love the box.

Matches parcel

Four. I’m loving the number of amazing coffee places popping up in my immediate surrounds. I got this pretty rose from West Juliett in Marrickville. Pair it with one of their pink salt chocolate chip cookies and you have yourself a match made in heaven.


Five. This is a new obsession. I’ve been painting these little dinosaur figurines gold. Loving them on my desk. I started off using some horrid yellow gold nail polish that I knew I was never going to wear, but the other day I graduated and purchased a spray can of metallic gold paint. Best move ever. Watch this space, more gold tidbits to come.


Monday. With a side of bacon.

Monday. With a side of bacon.

On Monday morning I was stopped at an inner city train station when the train guard made a lengthy announcement over the loudspeaker. It was a PSA informing us that we should blame the lady in the fourth carriage (and not CityRail) if any of the 600-odd passengers were late to work. Assumedly she had caused a kerfuffle and held up the train at the station just to get on board. To be honest I didn’t even realise there had been a delay in leaving the station. Such a lovely  greeting to kick off the work week.

Anyway. I caved and got myself a personal blender thanks to a lovely lady on my Instagram (@smeloise – thanks for enabling. Haha). I found out that the George Foreman Mix and Go was on sale at Myer, and after discounts it worked out to be something around the $32 mark. I have to say I’m pretty impressed with it so far. Not only with the blender itself but also with my self motivation in prepping the fruit/veg the night before ready for the next day. Who knew coming up with juice concoctions could be so fun? I’d love to hear your fave juice combos!

George Foreman mix and go

I discovered a new favourite brunch place over the weekend – Three Williams in Redfern. I can’t recommend the French toast enough. Seriously. If you love berries, and yoghurt, and sugar, this is for you. The coffee ain’t half bad either. I’ll be back for more. Oh the ideal time to pop by is probably between 1:30-3:00pm, which is closing time, but if you don’t mind a late lunch, you’ll avoid the queues.

french-toastThe scrambled eggs with a side of crispy bacon is a winner. I didn’t try the tasty pile of chocolate coated doughnuts (I think?) on the counter, but I’m pretty sure they taste good too.


I’m off to dream about eating said donuts whilst thinking up some more juice combinations. And potentially consider the inclusion of black or white chia seeds…

Have a great week all!

Five things

Five things

As I sit here by the balcony sipping my soy latte, I can’t help but think of the ever-growing errand list I have in my diary. But for now I think I’ll take advantage of the calm and do a little bit of blogging about five things that have caught my eye recently.

ONE. Messy plaits are my new obsession. My hair is getting super long and plaits are an easy and efficient way to manage it all. On the plus side it looks super cute, but on the other, I use a helluva lot of bobby pins.

photo 1

TWO. I went to see the lovely P!nk when she was in town the other weekend. It was nothing short of amazing. I love her acrobatic prowess. She never ceases to amaze me. P!nk drew a massive Sydney crowd.

photo 2

THREE. This  installation near the MCA was so mesmerising. I love working near Circular Quay. There are so many different things to explore and discover both at lunch time and after work.

photo 3

FOUR. Working in close proximity to Lindt equates to multiple visits to the chocolatier. I’m loving their seasonal salted caramel hot chocolate for a sneaky afternoon treat. I love admiring their cakes in the window, but hot choc is my weakness.

photo 4

FIVE. This chalkboard outside one of my favourite coffee places. Don’t really think I need to add anything to this photo.

photo 5

Here’s to hoping I knock over some of my to-do list tomorrow!

Five things

Five things

Another crazy week where I don’t remember a single thing about what just went down. Seriously. I’m glad I take ten jillion photos otherwise I’d forget it all. I’ve been so crazy busy with goodness knows what, but I really had the urge to drop everything and blog tonight. I must do the nails again though. It really annoys me when one peels or chips. Here’s a short summary of this week in five short n’ sweet pics.

ONE. I discovered Cabrito coffee roasters the other day while having lunch at La Lupita. Besides my excitement of having them open in the city (yay new lunch spot!) I quite like the coffee beans they use here. Plus how can you say no to these cute little stamps on the cups! That said, I just Googled ‘cabrito’ and I think it means goat meat. :S:S

cabrito coffee

TWO. H and I took a trip to Le Pub, the Parisian bistro slash pub. We’d been meaning to go for the longest time – he was swayed by the cider pork knuckle for two, so off we went. I loved the interiors and the cutlery. Love love love art deco. I think we’ll be returning as I discovered a voucher for it in the Entertainment Book. Plus the food wasn’t bad at all!

pretty place setting

THREE. I love it when food trucks come as there aren’t that many good food selections down my end of town. This week I was lucky enough to catch EatArtTruck with their amazing kingfish ceviche with corn chips. I heart that mayo. Seriously.

lunch today

FOUR. I really adore Sydney harbour. I love sitting by the foreshore and just people watch. Or this week’s case, birdwatch. This ibis was scrounging around for scraps of food. Although I dislike these birds, I quite like the gradient of the sky in the shot.


FIVE. I just had to add this in. I frequent Hole in the Wall coffee whenever I’m nearby. They happened to have this adorable chalkboard up outside the little store on King Street. I definitely recommend coffee here if you’re in the area! Made with love. Just how I like it.


How has your week been?