A blur of a week

A blur of a week

I was pretty restrained for the Priceline sales. I was tempted to buy some Essie polishes (seeing as they were down to $10). I had it in my hand at the check out (you can see I had a bottle in the photo below) before I changed my mind and left it behind. I picked up some Revlon Photoready blush for $10 to have for travel. I hate how grotty the packaging on NARS gets after it’s been thrown around in my bag.

Make up

I’ve also been prepping my travel essentials. I bought  some Jurlique rose mist (which came with some extras) for the plane trip. I’ll be hopping around a couple of different countries so I thought it’d be good to keep hydrated on the flights. Besides which it smells like lolly water. If you have any beauty-travel essentials, I’d love to hear them!

Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is going up in Martin Place. I absolutely adore the baubles on the tree this year. They’re a pretty pointed star in a hologram pattern. I’m shoving as much Christmas cheer as I can before I leave for overseas. I noticed them putting a ribbon of LED lights around, which makes me think they’ll try to introduce some social media slash Twittering onto the tree. Of course I could be completely wrong. We’ll find out on Thursday!

I paid a visit to Khao Pla on Sunday. I tried the pork ribs (as seen on my Instagram). H ordered a chicken Penang curry (on the left, not too attractive) to get in the mindset for the upcoming trip. It was mild, which was alright. I can imagine the Malaysian dishes will be much, much spicer! We ordered Thai tea ice cream + tapioca + black sticky rice to share. Lovely.

Khao Pla

Anyway!! Back to writing up my pack lists…

A sparkly new year

A sparkly new year

Things are slowly coming together at the apartment. There is still a severe lack of anything resembling a couch, but most of the other essentials are there. One good bad thing about it is being so close to Adriano Zumbo. I can’t help but walk past to see if there are any new V8 cake variations. Usually I stop by to ogle at the pretty coloured macarons.

Blue zumbo Choc mint zumbarons

I can’t believe that Christmas and NY are all but over. Whilst the shopping centre decorations remain, my mother has since removed all vestiges of Christmas cheer from her home. I guess she likes to get a head start on things. My desk is still looking a little festive from the paper kirigami trees I made last month.


Oh H and I ventured over to The Grounds (late bloomers, I know). Let me just say, you can’t go past their bacon and egg sandwiches. Everything was perfect, the bread, bacon, egg. The whole lot. Best of all there is not much of a wait at all for them if you get it take away. We popped by before doing the Big Move for a quick coffee slash breakfast, and it was just the thing we needed.

grounds coffee

Not a bad start to the new year. I’m embarking once again on the photo a day project on Instagram. I stuck through it in November, but failed dismally in December. But here’s to the new year and new beginnings!

Manicure: Sparkly Rudolph

Manicure: Sparkly Rudolph

I’ve been working solidly the past few weeks, so although I’ve kept my Instagram up to date, my blog has fallen on the wayside. I saw this tutorial on Beautylish the other day and I couldn’t resist. I had all the different coloured polishes handy in my possession.

I used Sephora by OPI Merry Me and Bys French White as a base. I didn’t have any of the spotting tools, so I improvised with a bamboo skewer. I used OPI Tickle my Francey for Rudolph’s face, and OPI My Private Jet for his sparkly antlers. His eyes I kept to a basic black called Misfit by MAC.

Sparkly Rudolph manicure

I love the way it turned out. It is such a simple and adorable design, and the sparkle adds an extra something. I’ve worn it for a week already and haven’t gotten sick of it yet – so that says a lot! I’ve received a lot of compliments on these, but I’m itching for a change.

Sparkly Rudolph manicure

Until next time…

Nothing happens without coffee

Nothing happens without coffee

Ugh. Yesterday was 35ºC. Seriously? Come on weather, cut us some slack. Luckily I get to spend the majority of my time in an air conditioned office, so I’m not that worried about it. I do however still have a number of errands to run. Nothing usually happens until I have my morning coffee. Which has been from Mecca of late.

Mecca coffeeI got my license renewed during lunch. The queues took forever but what else is new. I had a lovely view of plumbers crack while I waited for my stuff to be printed. I love how the woman took the photo when I stopped smiling. So now I’m stuck with a cranky-me license for five years. At least I only paid half of the usual fee because I’ve not had any accidents or demerit points in the last five years *yay*

I spent a good part of an hour at the RTA so I was pushed for food time. I ventured downstairs to Mamak Village and bought Malaysian grilled chicken with savoury chicken rice. Pretty good value for $9.50. It came with all you see below + some soup. I couldn’t finish it, but it was super tasty. Will definitely return.

Mamak Village

The peak of the hectic season

The peak of the hectic season

How is everyone’s Christmas shopping going?

I think I’ve *finally* finished my shopping for this year. All that is left is to wrap it all up. I’m not a believer in wrapping paper, so the most you’ll see me do is brown paper parcels finished off nicely with ribbons or pom poms. It’s just kids tear into them like there is no tomorrow. Plus it just gets chucked out right after, so I can’t be bothered wasting time and money into making it an elaborate thing. I do strive to make things a little more fancy when it comes to birthdays.


I like my coffee. I love eclectic little cafes even more. One of my favourites has got to be Marlowe’s Way which is just a five minute walk from work They continuously have new art murals painted on their walls in a similar concept to EatArtTruck. One time we went there was a live jazz band playing on the sidewalk. I can’t resist the cute orange saucers and teaspoons that come when you order a coffee.


I’m extremely fortunate* to be working over the Christmas holidays. *Cynicism free. The past couple of years I’ve been forced to take leave over the break, and no one in their right mind plans trips over Christmas. Everything is just plain and simple too expensive. I’ve been limited to the eastern seaboard of Australia for my holidays. I’ll take any chance to save up and splurge.

Ippudo Ramen just opened up in Westfield Sydney. I’ve found myself going for up to three days in a row to get my ramen fix. Not cheap by any means, but when I gotta have it, I gotta have it. I can’t be bothered waiting in line for the eat in area, so I tend to stick to my take away and eat in the food court with H. One day I’ll get sick of ramen. One day. Maybe. Not.


Christmas trees and chilli fries

Christmas trees and chilli fries

I’m enjoying the weather in Sydney on and off the past few days. I abhor the stinking hot nights that make it impossible to sleep without a fan or air conditioning, but I absolutely love those bright sunshine-filled days that make everything seem all the more pleasant. Sydney seemed to glow this morning when I went for a mini stroll to get a coffee.

There is a mini version of the Martin Place tree in Customs House. I haven’t had a Christmas tree for a few years now. I’ve mostly stuck to the random decorations and tinsel around the house, so I find myself stopping to admire the public Christmas trees.

Christmas tree

Last night H and I were too lazy to cook dinner so went searching for a food truck instead. We saw that Agape Organic was in Sydney Park, so stopped by there on our way home. H initially associated organic with vegetables (which he is seemingly “allergic” to, so was a bit hesitant.

After a little searching on food blogs, I convinced him that they weren’t vegetarian, but served a range of meats on pizzas, chilli fries and tacos. It was a little on the quiet side when we arrived, and they had a limited menu – but we didn’t mind. H and I ordered a pulled pork taco on spelt bread and wagyu beef chilli fries. Both of which were amazing and bursting with flavour.

Chilli fries

My one comment was that the taco let out quite a bit of moisture in the plastic containers, making the bread a bit soggy. But I was willing to overlook that. The potatoes were crisp and crunchy, and didn’t get too soft despite being drenched in chilli, so that was a major plus.

In other news, I did a little shopping this past weekend. It has been a welcome distraction what with the different colour, material and size choices. But I made my decision and I’m loving it.

Chanel bag

Crazy for El Loco + other weekend happenings

Crazy for El Loco + other weekend happenings

Yet another working week is here once again. As much as I am thankful I have something to keep me busy during the day, I can’t help but lust over a little extra weekend to catch up on life. Thankfully this past weekend was quite relaxing and laid back. I don’t anticipate it will remain that way for long.

Corona at El Loco

Saturday was spent doing random errands, as well as test driving a car. Boring really. Sunday was a little bit more fun, and was filled with some lovely discoveries. I meandered around Birkenhead Point in the hopes of picking up some Christmas present ideas. I scored a pretty little statement necklace for $6.00, as well as a couple of cotton and lycra singlets for work. That all pales in comparison to the $300 Hugo Boss suit that the boy managed to find. Lucky boy.

Otherwise it was filled with a whole lot of food. I’m sure you’ve gathered by now that my life revolves around food. As ashamed as I am to admit, my eyes are usually bigger than my stomach. Luckily the tacos are reasonably sized and H and I munched our way through our large order.

El Loco food

The fish tempura taco was a special that day. If you go to El Loco, I highly recommend it! We even had room for dessert in the form of churros with the most amazing orange honey dulce de leche. I’ve since discovered that I can never say no to churros.


After a scorcher on Saturday, milder (yet still sunny) conditions on Sunday made it the perfect day out. We drove over Anzac Bridge which I love to marvel at. I’m an inner engineering nerd.

ANZAC Bridge

I’m loving all the Christmas decor popping up everywhere. My parents place has started to look a little more festive with each week. My mum has gradually been taking the decorations out of storage.

Christmas Tree

Oh and a nail post is coming soon. Here’s a preview.

Manicure colours