Glittery camellias + crafty endeavours

Glittery camellias + crafty endeavours

The creative bug has hit me hard. I wandered over to Typo the other week and after noticing an extra 30% off sale items, I may have purchased a loom weaving kit and a pink shadow box for a future project. I’ve developed a thing for shadow boxes – I found a black Ribba frame at Ikea not so long ago too.Ribba Ikea frame

I have some grand plans to use the loom to make a super cute wall hanging for my wall. I need to nail down the basics though. Trying to practice off what I can find on Google, but it is proving a bit difficult to find. Besides which I’ve ramped up the soft toy making and even enrolled in a pottery class in a few weeks time. Yeah, I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. Work is ramping up for the year on top of it all.

I used the shadow box to put together a makeshift homage-to-Chanel. Call me materialistic but I’m in love with it. I love staring at the pretty camellias, and it brings back memories of crisp, cool days walking through the streets of Paris getting lost with a croissant in one gloved hand. One day. I’ll be back.

Chanel Homage

Travelling through Asia in Malaysia

Travelling through Asia in Malaysia

I’m finally posting photos from my trip to Asia despite them being few months old. I figure it wouldn’t hurt. For this leg of the trip, we travelled from Singapore to Malaysia via Air Asia. We decided we’d save on plane fares given the distance between the countries wasn’t anything significant to waste moolah on creature comforts.


I couldn’t resist doing a side by side day/night shot of the twin towers. I’m such a sucker for architecture mixed with pretty lights.


H and I stayed at the Traders hotel, which was a stone’s throw away from Suria KLCC. It made for some convenient shopping and needless to say, I found myself the perfect Christmas present complete with a glittering camellia. I made H make me a Christmas tree, which you can sort of see in the right photo (made with a magazine). I don’t think I’ve ever had a Christmas without a tree and this one wasn’t going to be the exception.


Without a doubt, shopping during the festive season was in full swing. All of the malls we visited were teeming with people. Of course I had to power through the crowds with egg tarts that I saw glistening from the window.



We ended up eating at the hotel for our Christmas dinner. They had Christmas putting and Christmas bonbons which were all winners. You can see OCD me arranging the little stars in a row. These were to later feature on H’s DIY Christmas tree.


We did a day trip out to Batu Caves, which was recommended to us by S. It was easy enough to hire a cabbie to take us out, wait for us there, then drive us back. To be honest it was the most peculiar thing I’d ever requested from a cabbie, but apparently it is the done thing to do (or so says the hotel concierge). It was something beyond spectacular. I even got to meet some little monkey friends.





The view from the top of the 272-odd steps was hard to beat. I can’t tell you which view I preferred the most! It was a nice way to cap off our short trip to Malaysia. Now let’s hope it won’t take me another 6 months to post up the next leg of the trip!

Catching up + pretty things

Catching up + pretty things

Yet another life-is-hectic-woe-is-me post. I’m in an endless cycle of my day job and side projects. Unfortunately the side projects are as digital as my day job so there isn’t much variety to be had. But that’s alright. I am missing making something a little more physical. My plants are crying for attention. I did notice that my asparagus plants have been sprouting some spears. I must make an asparagus centric dish one day soon.

I took Tuesday off last week as I had to pick up my mum who spent a month in the USA visiting my aunties. She brought back a tonne of chocolate and lollies – all in a giant box (in addition to her suitcase) that probably weighed more than I do.

H took the day off too, and we decided to go to DFO to take advantage of being out and about on a week day (oh the luxury!). We drove down to Homebush after having a lovely brunch at Kitchen by Mike and admiring some very colourful and pretty flowers. I opted for the pork belly with some beetroot, freekah and goats cheese – amazing by the way!

kitchen by mike

I managed to pick up four Essie polishes at $6 each. Loving DFO! I didn’t realise they were renovating and extending upwards! Good move if you ask me. I’m looking forward to the new stores that are opening in the not too distant future.

essie polishes

I put in an order for a piece of jewellery I’ve long been coveting. I’ve seen it on a few other bloggers and I just haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. I even got a Forever 21 version for $2, but it was chunky and just didn’t satisfy my desire. I got it last week and haven’t been able to take it off since! I’m definitely going through a dainty ring phase.

jordan askill

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far!

Five things

Five things

ONE. Did some random errands today. It was a miserable and wet day, so I brought the red camellia out for some cheering up. I kept the outfit simple today: black ace jeans [bettina liano]; long sleeve chambray shirt [forever 21] and of course my red camellia woc [chanel]. I am extremely late to the chambray party.

Chanel camellia

TWO. H and I went out for an obligatory iced coffee from Don Campos. You know. The famed ones that contain three jillion shots of espresso. Go figure it is now one am and I’m wide awake blogging about nothing in particular at all.
Campos iced coffee

THREE. Oh there was the most random pillow fight outside the MCA forecourt today. It consisted of a large cordoned off area and a whole lot of feathers. By the time I had gotten there, people were picking feathers out of their hair and clothes. Some unfortunate souls made the mistake of wearing knits, and seemingly had a much more difficult time removing the fluff.

Pillow fight

FOUR. Easter chocolates. Namely Godiva chocolates marked down to half price. Yes, yes and yes. I bought a box. Not yet opened. To be saved for that special occasion I think!

Godiva chocolate

FIVE. An assortment of Lebanese pastries from Abla’s in Granville. Crisp, sticky, sweet goodness. A welcome break whilst working on the last of my streamers. On the home stretch!


Christmas trees and chilli fries

Christmas trees and chilli fries

I’m enjoying the weather in Sydney on and off the past few days. I abhor the stinking hot nights that make it impossible to sleep without a fan or air conditioning, but I absolutely love those bright sunshine-filled days that make everything seem all the more pleasant. Sydney seemed to glow this morning when I went for a mini stroll to get a coffee.

There is a mini version of the Martin Place tree in Customs House. I haven’t had a Christmas tree for a few years now. I’ve mostly stuck to the random decorations and tinsel around the house, so I find myself stopping to admire the public Christmas trees.

Christmas tree

Last night H and I were too lazy to cook dinner so went searching for a food truck instead. We saw that Agape Organic was in Sydney Park, so stopped by there on our way home. H initially associated organic with vegetables (which he is seemingly “allergic” to, so was a bit hesitant.

After a little searching on food blogs, I convinced him that they weren’t vegetarian, but served a range of meats on pizzas, chilli fries and tacos. It was a little on the quiet side when we arrived, and they had a limited menu – but we didn’t mind. H and I ordered a pulled pork taco on spelt bread and wagyu beef chilli fries. Both of which were amazing and bursting with flavour.

Chilli fries

My one comment was that the taco let out quite a bit of moisture in the plastic containers, making the bread a bit soggy. But I was willing to overlook that. The potatoes were crisp and crunchy, and didn’t get too soft despite being drenched in chilli, so that was a major plus.

In other news, I did a little shopping this past weekend. It has been a welcome distraction what with the different colour, material and size choices. But I made my decision and I’m loving it.

Chanel bag

A shopping addiction

A shopping addiction

Lo and behold it is mid-season sale time yet again. I bought a shirt I absolutely loved at full price weeks ago, only to find it 50% off the other day. Oh well. I’d be regretting it if I hadn’t gotten it before and it was sold out now. So I guess I can’t really change anything about that.

I’m a believer in spoiling yourself every so often and splurging on a special something if you have an occasion that calls for it. I know my mum would be one to refuse buying something expensive for herself – although I think I’ve convinced her to do otherwise in more recent times. She’s bought herself a few designer bags, but they rarely see the light of day. Baby steps I suppose!

I went over to the Chanel boutique in Westfield Sydney. I’d always lusted over their earrings but I could never found a pair I was truly in love with. Sure you have the classic interlocking CC’s, but I craved something unique. Luckily for me the latest A/W collection was in stock, and I fell in love.

I added something to my collection. To be continued…