My European birthday

My European birthday

International birthday travel is fast becoming a tradition of mine. While last year I travelled through Japan, this year I traipsed ate my way through Europe. I loved every moment of it, and despite it being my third visit I feel as if I’ve barely scratched the surface.

I’ve commonly heard of France as being a love it or hate it city with no in between. I have to say I fall smack bang in the ‘love it’ camp. It holds a special place in my heart and I don’t think I could ever travel to Europe without a visit. On this trip we were fortunate enough to drive through the south of France all the way up to the Italian border. I loved how wide and varied the scenery shifted in such a short distance.

I think I OD’ed on cheese and wine, although can one really get sick of cheese and wine In France we ate at Mirazur for my birthday (I was sooo spoiled), which is currently number 4 restaurant in the world. I can’t stop thinking about the trolley of cheese they brought out post-meal. I spent some time in Lyon – know as the foodie capital, I ate endless quenelles and saucissons at the downtown market. We were blessed with clear blue skies for most of our trip.





We stopped by London and Amsterdam to say hello to our expat friends that have since gone onto live fun adventures abroad. I’m a little jealous of all the European countries they have at a stone’s throw. Coming into spring, it was lovely to have the flowers (especially those gorgeous tulips) in bloom during our nordic leg of the trip.




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My birthday night at the museum

My birthday night at the museum

I’m the epitome of low key, so my birthday last week was no exception. The celebrations were extended throughout the entire week, but it was a relatively tame one. It started on Tuesday where a few friends and I had coincidentally decided to pop over to the Australian Museum for Jurassic Lounge. I expected that they’d open up one room of the museum with a bar in the corner. Needless to say that the event far exceeded my expectations. I pre-ordered my tickets (despite the booking fee) and I was glad I did! The queue snaked around all over the place and I was in no mood for standing in a line. There were a couple more queues inside for food and alcohol, but it was still much better than the one outside. Jurassic Lounge The large t-rex skeleton that greeted us in the foyer. I quite like the shadows that they made on the walls. It was very night at the museum. Jurassic Lounge Different animal eggs lined up by size. It was like they were from another world. A little alien-esque time line. Jurassic LoungeOh hello there Mr Dinosaur. I think you’re missing a little something there. Jurassic Lounge We lined up for drinks and realised it was the quesadillas queue. So naturally, we quesadilla-ed. With a side of champagne of course. Jurassic LoungeThe spread. We ate standing because that’s what us classy girls (and boy) do. Jurassic Lounge Being artsy with the bubbles. They had heaps of these polycarbonate flutes at the start of the night. But as you’ll see as you go further into this post, they ran out… IMG_8683Hello creepy fish. There were a few creepy preserved animals in the museum. Jurassic Lounge I found Skippy along the way. Funnily enough I don’t ever remember coming to the Australian Museum before this visit. IMG_8689 Playing with the skull plaster casts. They were all interactive and free to touch. Jurassic Lounge Pretty butterflies and moths. I absolutely love order. This was just amazing to me. Jurassic Lounge The amazing artwork they had in the basement of the museum. Jurassic Lounge We ended the night with more champagne. Of course they ran out of flutes, so we were drinking out of classy disposable coffee cups.Jurassic LoungeOverall an awesome night. There was also a silent disco in the animals section. Would definitely return if they hold it again next year!