My Asia haul + misc

My Asia haul + misc

Asia haul

So I haven’t yet gotten around to editing those photos from my trip, but I did take a shot of some of the haul I took home. Note this isn’t all for me. Naturally it included a tonne of nail polish, duty-free make up buys and a bunch of stationery. Most of the stuff is sitting in a box on my dresser. I need to get around to organising it and putting it away.

I have been toying with the idea of a leather pencil skirt, and because I’m still in experimental mode, I went and got a pleather Zara pencil skirt. I was lusting over it in Asia, but the BF said no. I found myself in the new Sydney Zara store (holy large batman) and I bought it on impulse. Love it though.

Well since this has become an entirely materialistic post, let me say how much I am loving Mix Apparel. I stumbled on it yesterday whilst meandering through an outer-Sydney Coles. I bought some lounge pants (2 for $20 – how could I say no?). Long story short, I ended up buying two more pairs because they are just the comfiest things ever.

Mix Apparel

Love the pants, not so much the “action” shots.

Confetti-system inspired update.

Confetti-system inspired update.

I thought I owed the blog an update on the DIY project I worked on a while ago. I finished my confetti-system inspired streamers a few months ago now. I hung it up over the TV. Not sure where its final place will be yet. I stuck them up temporarily in the corner. We’ll see if it stays there. I have a feeling this will be donated to the upcoming bachelorette party along with a bunch of flower bombs. Just need to see if it fits the colour scheme.

And of course it wouldn’t be a post without a photo of my manicure. I used a sparkly gold base and stamped over it with a maze-esque pattern from the Winstonia plates.

Confetti system inspired streamers

Manicure: Winter blues

Manicure: Winter blues

I remembered to take some pics of my latest stamping adventures the other day. I seemingly have ventured down the blue path with my bags and purses, so in an effort to remain somewhat coordinated, I decided to do a winter blue manicure.

I purchased the Winstonia plates a few weeks ago and have been itching to use more of them. Each plate is seasonal, and so I selected a winter-esque one from the Christmas plate (W120) on the far right.

Winstonia 120

My base colour is Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear in Pacific Blue – this has been my go to blue shade this season. I can’t get over how bright and vibrant the colour is. It borders on a slight purple tinge, which probably explains a little of my bias towards it.
Blue stamp nails

I need a little more practice in stamping on a straight line. Hah. They progressively become a little more angled as you go from left to right. Not sure why that is how it is, but yes. I need to stamp more!Blue stamp nails

I finished off with my usual layer of Seche to make it nice and shiny. I’m debating what my next manicure will be now. I’m leaning towards alternating to a glitter mani now! (AND I’m so glad that it is the last month of winter!)Blue stamp nails

Five things

Five things

As I sit here by the balcony sipping my soy latte, I can’t help but think of the ever-growing errand list I have in my diary. But for now I think I’ll take advantage of the calm and do a little bit of blogging about five things that have caught my eye recently.

ONE. Messy plaits are my new obsession. My hair is getting super long and plaits are an easy and efficient way to manage it all. On the plus side it looks super cute, but on the other, I use a helluva lot of bobby pins.

photo 1

TWO. I went to see the lovely P!nk when she was in town the other weekend. It was nothing short of amazing. I love her acrobatic prowess. She never ceases to amaze me. P!nk drew a massive Sydney crowd.

photo 2

THREE. This  installation near the MCA was so mesmerising. I love working near Circular Quay. There are so many different things to explore and discover both at lunch time and after work.

photo 3

FOUR.¬†Working in close proximity to Lindt equates to multiple visits to the chocolatier. I’m loving their seasonal salted caramel hot chocolate for a sneaky afternoon treat.¬†I love admiring their cakes in the window, but hot choc is my weakness.

photo 4

FIVE. This chalkboard outside one of my favourite coffee places. Don’t really think I need to add anything to this photo.

photo 5

Here’s to hoping I knock over some of my to-do list tomorrow!

Manicure: Orange crush

Manicure: Orange crush

I’m so glad the sun has decided to show up today. That solid week of rain was such a bummer. I’ll admit it was fun to wear the gumboots and stomp in all the puddles (as if I were five again, hah). But coupled with the non-stop rain and freezing cold, it just got exhausting. It just ain’t fun. I picked up a few new polishes from the Priceline sale a few weeks ago. I got some new ones at the Glam Polish sale too, but we won’t talk about that now.

I used Sally Hansen’s Crushed Xtreme Wear stamped with a Konad white polish. The rainy week left me deprived of a warm summer’s day so I thought a little bit of citrus would brighten things up a bit. I’m pretty impressed with Sally Hansen polishes. I wouldn’t have given them a go if it weren’t for the fact that they were down to 2 bucks at the Priceline sales.

Orange manicure

Orange manicure

So insanely obsessed with nail stamping these days. I just wish I had more time in the day week to keep up with how often I change my mind about the patterns. ANYWAY! So glad it is Friday tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great end to the week! Xx

Iyama design studio

Iyama design studio

I have a thing for washi tape. Something about the pretty pastels and bright coloured masking tape just keeps drawing me in. There is nothing more that I’d love than to visit the washi tape museum in Japan. But. Not for a while to come I think. I saw this MT installation by the Iyama Design Studio. Swoon.

I would however wonder what would happen with the dust sticking to the tape. It might not even be sticky. Who knows. Anyway. I like it.




What creative stuff have you made with washi tape?

Manicure: Electric blue striping tape patterns

Manicure: Electric blue striping tape patterns


My manicure is a few days old already but I thought that I’d put it up on the blog. I was inspired by the Nailasaurus’ latest neon mani. Apologies for the slight tip wear on the nails. I think it’s time for a change sometime soon. I used Sally Hansen’s Pacific Blue that I picked up from the latest Priceline 40% off everything sale. I saw it sitting on its lonesome on the shelf and knew I needed it in my collection.

It’s a pretty electric blue shade with a hint of purple. If you know me you know I just can’t pass up on *any* shade of purple. Such a quick and easy mani that produces some pretty patterns. I’m a sucker for geometric lines.IMG_8868

Another shot of the manicure in the sun. As you can see, the lines aren’t as crisp as I’d like, but you don’t really notice them from afar.

What’s your fav nail colour at the moment?