Summer prep

Summer prep

Long time no blog. You’ll find me buried in a giant pile of yarn. I’m trying to get as much knitting in before warmer weather starts. Seemingly I only knit when it’s cold. Although on my recent Melbourne trip, I started prepping for my summer wardrobe.

I bought a bunch of espadrilles in Melbourne. I couldn’t help it, they was a sample sale. Soludos usually retail for $70, but these were one off pairs that were down to the low, low price of $30 each. How could I say no? I purchased 3 pairs in total. Whoops.

I got a pair of flatforms (so comfy), summer stripes and my personal favourite, coffee espadrilles in a seashell pink. Seriously. I cannot deal. I just had to have them. They are a collaboration between Jason Polan and Soludos.

Have you bought anything for summer?



7 thoughts on “Summer prep

  1. I want those peach ones my goodness haha! Now I have looked at the website and the sale section I am surprised at how many in my size remain stocked… summer shoes may be on my horizon after all! Have you tried your hand at embroidery?
    All my summer prep is basically baby related and therefore useless. As am I, until baby is born it feels.
    You always pick up the amazing deals!!!

    1. Mrs Damn what size are you? I’m surprised that I’m not finding as many in my size, normally sales I luck out alot because I’m a size 5.5 so there are normally quite alot of 5s and even 6s but not the last 2 years :( Are people’s feet shrinking?

  2. Found your blog through the Vogue forum, and I must say I love your taste in shoes :) I commented on your Insta about your bow detailed shoes, however, I accidentally commented using Hubby’s Insta acn I didn’t realise he had logged in using my computer :( So it’s not some weird stalker LOL

    My fave espadrilles from above has to be the stripes! Whereabouts do you recommend to buy some cute designed ones in franchise stores as I’m located in Sydney.

    1. Ohhh! Wow I haven’t touched my blog in a while OOPS. Hahah I was wondering about that comment on my Insta ;) Do you have an Instagram account?

      I’d def check out the Melissa store in the Sydney CBD – they stock Soludos espadrilles and they’re the most comfy ones I’ve tried to date!

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