My perfect ankle boot

My perfect ankle boot

I’ve been on the hunt for an every day ankle boot to suit my work wardrobe. Which means, it needs to be black, leather and flat. I’ve wanted an elegant looking one with a bit of character for a while now. All the boots these days seem to have that chunky Cuban heel, which has it’s own place and time.

I went into Midas the other day (my current fave shoe brand – I swear all of their shoes are super duper comfy). I managed to find a design I really loved. Round toe, deep side slit, textured/smooth leather. Love it.

Midas Goody ankle boot

I ummed and ahhed over sizes, I fit snuggly into one size (without a thick sock), but also fit into a size up a little more loosely. I decided on the tighter fit – I figure I’ll wear the ankle boots with dresses + stockings so would want to pad them out less rather than more. If that makes sense.

I need to waterproof them still! I want to know, do you have a go-to brand for shoes?


6 thoughts on “My perfect ankle boot

  1. It sounds totally Grandma like but basically work shoes are all I wear which are Easy Steps and Planet Shoes brands haha. Soon to probably have to find a new kind of shoe to wear when I am home next year o.O love those boots though!

  2. Ohhh I was checking out the boots at midas the other day. The do have some really great styles. I wish I had more time. I really wanted to grab a few. I love the style you picked out

    1. Yes! Great styles, but a bit pricy – I’m hoping that they have longevity. On the plus they’re super comfy.

      I’m pretty sure my last 3 pairs of shoes have been from Midas…. Oops…

    1. Thanks lovely :) I really need to cut back on the spending lately, but I couldn’t resist getthing these! Esp with the Sydney cold snap coming up (apparently.) Hahaha

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