Bringing the outside in

Bringing the outside in

I’m determined to make my desk clutter-free.

At the moment it is very much the opposite. I won’t indulge you with a photo of the current state of my desk post-Japan, as it is akin to my suitcase exploding all over the house. I’m taking a bit of time to find a permanent home for all the goodies I got.

In the meantime I’ll start by injecting garden blooms into the house. The unusually warm weather has kept my frangipani tree in bloom, and although they don’t last long when they’re cut, I love the room fragrance they offer.


Oh I also bought some new shoes last month. I gave into the lace trend and got a cheap and cheerful brown suede pair from Zara. If you know anything about me you’ll know I’m all about black, so these brown shoes are a step outside my comfort zone, so let’s see if I can mix and match them into my daily wardrobe.


And now I think I’ll be on a spending ban. Have you bought anything new? Show me what you’ve bought! I want to live vicariously through everyone else. <3


5 thoughts on “Bringing the outside in

  1. I am on a typical semi ban with the baby incoming in October, haha, however recent purchases have been a little bit of makeup in the 50% off chemist warehouse brand sale, a little bit of haircare in the 50% off priceline sale, and a few bits and pieces at collette and funnily enough that is it for agesssss. Looking at some new skincare though soon. Boring!

    1. Ermagerd, baby is worth the spending ban! Will you find out the gender? Everyone is popping out babies around me! I’m so exciting. I’m crocheting for a little one due in just over a week! SO so so excited.

      I missed out on the Priceline haircare sale. Boo. I should’ve stocked up, but I really don’t have a need to right now. Your skin/make up regime is always on point!

      1. Haha we get asked that very often with the 20 week scan next week! No, we are going to wait so hopefully baby is not spread legged and flashing the bits when we go to the scan haha. SO many other women are pregnant at the moment it feels like a baby boom! I am one of FOUR wives from Adam’s work crew who are all up the duff and due within 12 weeks of each other and I just ran into another old friend today who is also pregnant. And two of the girls I have worked with recently at Myer are pregnant, one with twins!!!!
        I feel like there is not really enough good brands for hair care stocked at Priceline anymore… or well, I feel like all the brands I love and need to use constantly have disappeared off the shelves. I am still looking for a dupe for the Lee Stafford “Blow Dry Faster” spray… gah!
        You’re so sweet >.< skin is so dry right now!

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