Giving this another go

Giving this another go

I figure I’d try this out again. I really enjoy blogging, so I’m going to make an effort to get back into it and see how I go. I’ve had a few distractions and things pop up.

I did some pottery classes, LOVED IT. I’m taking a short break from it, but I’m definitely keen to get back into it and continue what I’ve started. I’ve definitely had some hits and even more misses, but it’s quite therapeutic to get down and messy with the clay. I finally started getting my groove and produced some pieces I’m super proud of. Did I mention I love bows?


I welcomed a new niece, well, I suppose not so new seeing as she’s hit the 3 month old mark. Newborn no longer! I’m amazed at how quickly they reach milestones and how much they grow from month to month. Insane. I’ve been doing monthsary shoots with her and have a lot of photo editing on my to- do list.

I can’t believe winter is all over. I was getting used to wearing my winter woolies and my big thick coats and all of a sudden it is now spring! Not that I’m complaining. I’m a big fan of the warmer and ever so slightly longer days. Took advantage of Daffodil day last week and bought some happy blooms.


In the meantime, I got around to framing a bunch of prints I had lying around. The single positive of being lazy with framing is that they all accumulate (I had four prints in total) so I managed to get them all framed for around AU$100 each. Now the next step is to decide where to hang them (read: I have no wall space).

Audrey Kawasaki


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