Five things

Five things

One. I haven’t kept up with documenting my nail adventures lately, but rest assured I’m still avidly collecting those little bottles. I’m debating whether or not I should buy an Ikea drawer to store them in some more of an orderly fashion than in a huge storage bin under my bed, but we’ll see how motivated I really get. I’m still trying to work my way through the Ciate haul I bought from COTD a few weeks ago. I’m keen to try the caviar, but really need the right occasion for it.

Ciate overload

Two. I (quietly) squealed out loud when I saw my favourite brand of cider had come out with some new varieties. It wasn’t even a question that I had to buy the pink lady cider. I’d say that Pink lady and Fuji are my top two apple varieties – I like them sweet. If you’re the same, this won’t disappoint. I’ll be back for the pear later.

Bilpin cider

Three. I got a giant Matches parcel today. Half for me, half for the boy, but it came in this beautiful marbled box. I’ve included my hand in the photo for size reference. You can tell that Matches have thought out the online shopping experience from beginning to end. Love the box.

Matches parcel

Four. I’m loving the number of amazing coffee places popping up in my immediate surrounds. I got this pretty rose from West Juliett in Marrickville. Pair it with one of their pink salt chocolate chip cookies and you have yourself a match made in heaven.


Five. This is a new obsession. I’ve been painting these little dinosaur figurines gold. Loving them on my desk. I started off using some horrid yellow gold nail polish that I knew I was never going to wear, but the other day I graduated and purchased a spray can of metallic gold paint. Best move ever. Watch this space, more gold tidbits to come.


10 thoughts on “Five things

  1. WOWSERSSSSS to your nail polish collection. I think that collection demands a really cool storage/display system. I LOVE bilpin cider too!! And pink lady is my fav apple. I should really go and grab some. I’ve been drinking cider from aldi lately LOL. OHhh M’ville. I should check that place out.

    1. Hmm I shouldn’t show you my whole collection then! :S I have a giant storage tub under my bed.

      I have to go check out Aldi cider. They sell so much good stuff from what I read on the forums! Perhaps not the moto gear, but otherwise.

      I hope you managed to find the cider!

  2. I am loving your Matches manicure btw. I’m a fan of ciders and ales in the past year. Will have to check out that Bilpin one next time I’m drinking. On the weekend just gone I only managed to get down one bottle of a Bundy Rum ale mix which was 1.8 standard drinks. Such a shame, I’m so old now haha.
    I’ve been thinking of doing the same sort of thing as you’ve been doing with the dinos but with giraffes haha and in hot pink as well as the gold. I want to glue them to the top of clear acrylic boxes to put cotton pads and things in them. You’re way more motivated and creative than me though xx

    1. Thanks hun! I love ruffian manicures. I just wish I had more patience for them. And please, you aren’t old! I’m not sure, alcohol doesn’t have the same appeal it did when I was 18, but that’s probably for the better.

      Ah yes I’ve heard of the animal toppers on acrylic boxes. They look amazing. It took me ages to get mine painted gold. I’d see them on my desk and would do it one at a time. Oops!

    1. Bilpin is the best!

      The dinos are from parcels I got from Photojojo, but I have seen similar ones, especially at that 2 dollar store in Wynyard station – that one next to the sushi store! But then again they probably have them at every 2 dollar store lol

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