Playing catch ups

Playing catch ups

I’ve been distracted hauling out the contents of my wardrobe, closely reviewing what stays and what goes. I’ve found a couple of pairs of shoes (brand new!) that need to go on eBay ASAP. If you’re a 5-5.5 you’re definitely in luck. Now to get around to taking some photos and posting them up.

Anyway. I thought these photos from last month’s Vivid Festival needed to be posted up. I didn’t get a good chance to explore all I had wanted. The turn out this year was just cray-cray! Even on the cold, blustery week days the streets of Sydney were full of people ogling at the pretty bright lights.

My friends and I decided to make a night of it, dining at the Bridge Room (which I had been itching to try for a while now) before wandering around Circular Quay and The Rocks area to see the city all lit up.

Vivid SydneyVivid Sydney Vivid Sydney

There was a couple of interactive ‘dance floor’ pieces that were a crowd favourite. The one above changed in response to the number of people standing on the circles. Magical in the night.

Vivid SydneyVivid SydneyVivid Sydney
Love geometric gems. Hidden in the laneways in The Rocks. It really was a complete joy to walk through the lanes discovering these little gems!Vivid SydneyVivid SydneyVivid Sydney Vivid SydneyI hope you got to hop along to the Vivid Festival before it ended!



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