My new love for veggie burgers

My new love for veggie burgers

I’m very much a meat-n-potatoes girl at heart, so you can imagine my reluctance when I got recommended a vegetarian cafe on my recent trip up the coast. A couple of people had mentioned a place called Pilgrims, which is located in Milton. There’s a cafe at Cronulla as well, but with all the carnivorous options in the area, I’d never thought to go.


There were these adorable little blooms on each table, Pilgrims had a very rustic feel to it. They offered a wide range of fresh juices, but the early morning start had me opting for a coffee.



I chose the Bliss burger, which consisted of a toasted wholemeal bun with avocado, cheese, tabouli, sprouts, onions and peanut sauce with a patty made from brown rice. Best. Thing. Ever. I will definitely be visiting the Cronulla cafe for this in the near future.


A post about Mollymook wouldn’t be complete without a beach shot. It was a little bit overcast that day, but it made for a nice stroll down the beach.

BerryWe also stopped by Berry on the way back to Sydney to look at some antiques and walked past this house with the most adorable mailbox! Want.



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