Crazy crochet lady

Crazy crochet lady

As per usual, life is crazy. I can’t remember what I did last weekend. But I am seriously obsessed with crafting at the moment which as all but consumed all my (little) free time.

I went to go visit Spotlight. They have an INSANE buy-$100-and-get-$40-off deal that was too good to refuse. I ended up walking out with a whole lot of stuff, not limited to an envelope board maker (OMG have made so many envelopes) and also a 24-piece crochet hook set (for under $10, umm yes?!).

I spent one entire weekend teaching myself how to crochet and do the magic circle technique in the hopes of making an obscure amigurumi character. It still needs eyes. And a mouth. I’m not really sure what it is to be honest. Mouse? Bear? Mousebear?


I’m currently in the process of making a small throw blanket. I find granny squares oddly therapeutic. I’ve been approached by strangers regarding my crocheting. I don’t mind the attention, so long as small talk doesn’t follow for the entire duration of my trip.

Crochet blanket in progress

H and I seem to encounter all the sales. Good and bad if you ask me. I spotted a 30% off everything Lincraft sale where I hauled enough yarn to last me a couple of winter seasons. I have grand plans for these babies.


I’m curious if anyone is a crochet queen out there? What have you made this winter season?


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