Change. Plus a weekend away.

Change. Plus a weekend away.

It’s always good, right? I don’t think I’ve touched WP for well over a month now. Starting a new job that takes a lot of brain power will do that to you. I’m enjoying it though. I managed to take a bit of time off with the Easter break. I had originally meant to take the entire ten days off, but because I was back to zero leave I took two mini breaks.

A couple of friends stole away down to the south coast. Despite being overcast for the most part, it was pretty relaxing to wake up to the sound of the beach every morning. I found a beach house a few doors down from Bannisters (where we were dying to go for a dinner) – so it was just too perfect! On the way back we stopped by Jervis Bay to see the infamous white sand. I couldn’t find my other memory card, so these photos will do.

Jervis Bay

Couldn’t resist taking photos of the rock pools. The little patterns that sea creatures make just fascinate me so. Call me crazy but it’s just like another world in there to explore.Rockpools


IMG_0160Here’s hoping to a few more opportunities to post within the next 2 weeks.


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