Weekend withdrawals

Weekend withdrawals

Not even midday on Monday and I’m having weekend withdrawals. I started editing some of my Asia snaps before I realised I was doing them out of order. So in conclusion, I got disheartened and put them off for another post. In lieu of my holiday photos, here are some weekend pics. Beginning with a 3 cheese pizza/elevator selfie from Friday.


Saturday/Sunday was spent procrastinating (the crazy flash storm didn’t help with my indecisiveness). We found ourselves on a mini road trip to Cabramatta to try out Tan Viet. Which I would definitely recommend. It was bar none the best fried chicken I’ve had to date. The skin on each piece was crispy beyond perfection, and the meat was juicy and succulent. Anyway. Just try it. Trust me.


The other highlight of my weekend is something I’m ashamed to admit. I went and got the 3DS Yoshi console with the Animal Crossing game. I used to play it on the NDS during university, and felt like reminiscing. Besides which the Professor Layton x Phoenix Wright crossover game comes out in a few days which I’m dying to get my hands on too!


Did you get up to anything interesting on the weekend? AND more importantly, are you wearing something green for St Pat’s day today?


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