Visions are seldom all a dream

Visions are seldom all a dream

Blast from the past

I’ve been on a trip down memory lane reading posts from when I was in my late teens. I pulled the photo above from an entry where I was obsessed with Hello Kitty and hazelnut latte’s from Starbucks. Those were the days. Of course clearly visible is my keyboard cover from the times I’d frequently eat in front of my computer. I gotta say, it preserved my keyboard well.

This post isn’t about anything in particular really. I need to figure out what I should make for dinner tonight. I’m contemplating making some risotto with the porcini stock I have procured from last night’s dinner. But, this involves me purchasing some more ingredients to round out the meal. I’ve been obsessed with having freekah and chia in salads lately. I’m not on any particular health kick really. I just like the texture of both.

I have so much on my to do lists that it isn’t funny. Luckily I’m on top of my email-reply lists, so I feel somewhat more accomplished than usual. But I still feel like I have 20 jillion things left to do. Which I can’t do until later tonight. Woe is me.


2 thoughts on “Visions are seldom all a dream

  1. Does it feel surreal reading older posts from when you were younger? More often than not, it feels like a trip to cringetown for me and I get little embarrassment tearies in my eyes before I can’t read anymore.

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