Online sales galore

Online sales galore

I didn’t buy many outfits on my Asia trip.

I did however buy a lot of shoes whilst overseas. While I thought I was perfectly fine with this whole scenario, it turns out I was  mistaken. I started to browse the online sales when I got back last month. I bought a whole heap of junk from Asos and Seed Heritage. Now that they’ve all started to arrive, I’ve begun to sort through my haul and decide which ones to keep and which ones to return.

I love how easy it is to return merchandise bought online, because a) sizing is a never ending nightmare; and b) you can’t avoid the times where the real deal just doesn’t live up to the magnificent thing you saw in the photo online.

I bought a couple of basic shirts from Seed. I couldn’t say no. It really would have been wrong to not to buy them. The linen shirts were down to $11 each, so I picked them up in a few colours. They are such a great relaxed fit and definite keepers. The banana yellow silk shirt doesn’t fit quite well on me, so I’ll have to return that some time this week.

seed-heritageThen there’s the Asos stuff. I got a few dresses. Some hits, some misses. I bought them while there was the extra 10% off sale items, so there is no love lost with the ones that are going back.

asos-dressesTo round it all off, I got more basic tees from Asos as well. At less than $10 a piece and 100% cotton, I say HELLO summer staples. I don’t think I could have enough cotton t-shirts.

asos-teesJust to keep things balanced, I got some Yankee candles. I saw them in HK and they had such amazing scents.Then I saw these little sampler sizes online, I knew I had to give them a whirl. Will report back on them soon.







6 thoughts on “Online sales galore

  1. I went into Spotlight on the weekend just gone and they had Yankee Candles!! I picked up a White Christmas one… I think it smells like cookies and cream YUMMMM!

    I really love that navy shirt in the middle, is it still on ASOS’ site? X

  2. Arghhh you got Yankee candles! I’m tempted to buy some – have you ever been past that card store in Town Hall? I think it’s the one opposite the Sportsgirl that’s just accessories, make up and shoes. They sell them there! Maybe I should get one soon…

    1. Oooh yeah! I haven’t been to that card store in a while. I got my Yankee candles from Spotlight when it was 30% off. They smell so lovely. I really like Waikiki Melon. Overly sweet, but intoxicating.

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