Back from South East Asia

Back from South East Asia

So I’m long overdue for a blog post. It got so crazy and hectic towards the end of last year! Overseas trip packing and planning got the better of me. Most of my trip photos are over on my Instagram, but I have plenty more on the compact camera that I’ve yet to upload. I didn’t bother bringing the SLR with me as I thought it’d be too heavy to lug across four countries.

In any case, if you’re curious, for the past month I’ve been traipsing across Asia (namely the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong). It was originally a trip for my brother’s wedding, but I thought why not go all out and travel around Asia. Of course shopping and eating were mandatory criteria of the trip. Here are some highlights of the trip. I’ll be sure to do more of a detailed post on each country in the coming days!

In Malaysia,  I really enjoyed the half day trip out to Batu Caves. It literally translates to the stone caves, this monolith of a temple is built into a cavern atop an odd two-hundred something steps. The steps were steep and oh-so-tiring, but well worth the trek. There were a bunch of friendly monkeys that live off the fruit given to them by the locals along the climb up.


Macau was another one of our stops. We stayed only one day, but crammed as much casino and culture as we could. Granted we don’t really gamble, it was still amazing to be in the city that has apparently taken over Vegas. The frescos inside the Venetian were AMAZING. Can you believe the photo below right was taken somewhere close to midnight? Insanity.


Hong Kong was one of my favourite cities. It gets up late, and stays up late, just like me. It goes without saying we did lots of shopping and eating here. We had to get some Peking duck despite it not being one of the HK specialties… We didn’t regret it one bit – I’d never seen so much duck for two people in my life.

Hong Kong

I hope everyone had a fantastic break! I’m looking forward to catching up on blog posts. I’ve neglected my Feedly for way too long.


14 thoughts on “Back from South East Asia

  1. Awesome trip from what you’ve shared! Would you believe that in all my years in Malaysia, I’d never made it into the Batu Caves? I used to be so lame when I was in school, whenever we had a field trip there I’d sit at the bottom waiting for my friends cause I was terrified that I’d never get down again after climbing all the way up those stairs.

    1. Thanks lovely! I really gotta get on it and blog the rest of my photos. Ooh what an awesome field trip it’d be to go to the Batu Caves! I’ll admit I thought it would be much bigger inside, but spectacular nonetheless. An excuse to go visit Malaysia again perhaps? :D

  2. Welcome back! I remember the monkeys turning quite vicious pretty quickly at Batu Caves when we tried to pose next to one!

    I haven’t been to HK for years but here it’s such a lively and cool city. My sister goes there in March for a solo trip so I’ll be asking her what she thought of it too….

    1. It’s good and bad to be back to the daily grind, but thanks so much lovely! I have a photo next to a monkey, but I’m glad that it was preoccupied with eating an orange to pay attention to me!

      I loved HK. Probably the fave city out of the lot. Singapore was a close second, but I just LOVE how the shops are open until late. It’s definitely my kinda town. Hahaha

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