A blur of a week

A blur of a week

I was pretty restrained for the Priceline sales. I was tempted to buy some Essie polishes (seeing as they were down to $10). I had it in my hand at the check out (you can see I had a bottle in the photo below) before I changed my mind and left it behind. I picked up some Revlon Photoready blush for $10 to have for travel. I hate how grotty the packaging on NARS gets after it’s been thrown around in my bag.

Make up

I’ve also been prepping my travel essentials. I bought  some Jurlique rose mist (which came with some extras) for the plane trip. I’ll be hopping around a couple of different countries so I thought it’d be good to keep hydrated on the flights. Besides which it smells like lolly water. If you have any beauty-travel essentials, I’d love to hear them!

Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is going up in Martin Place. I absolutely adore the baubles on the tree this year. They’re a pretty pointed star in a hologram pattern. I’m shoving as much Christmas cheer as I can before I leave for overseas. I noticed them putting a ribbon of LED lights around, which makes me think they’ll try to introduce some social media slash Twittering onto the tree. Of course I could be completely wrong. We’ll find out on Thursday!

I paid a visit to Khao Pla on Sunday. I tried the pork ribs (as seen on my Instagram). H ordered a chicken Penang curry (on the left, not too attractive) to get in the mindset for the upcoming trip. It was mild, which was alright. I can imagine the Malaysian dishes will be much, much spicer! We ordered Thai tea ice cream + tapioca + black sticky rice to share. Lovely.

Khao Pla

Anyway!! Back to writing up my pack lists…


10 thoughts on “A blur of a week

  1. beauty travel essentials, hmm i guess it’ll have to be a good quality lip balm! i’ll even use it under my eye as a moisturizer sometimes. works well for me!

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