Keep calm and eat cake

Keep calm and eat cake

I’ve been so busy with last minute this-n-that for everything you can think of! I had a hens party was last weekend, so if you follow me on IG you know I’ve been doing a bit of prep for it for the past few weeks. I’m experiencing a bit of a craft lull now that it’s over.

Anyway, that’s over now, so I’m focussing my energy into the overseas trip that is just under a month away! SO so so excited. I’ve been trying so hard on enforcing a spending ban as I know I’ll be buying up big overseas just because. I haven’t done very well. I picked up two Essie polishes at Priceline (they were doing 2 for $20). Not to mention a liquid sand OPI polish that was on sale for $5.

Here are some photos from the morning tea last weekend. I made some lettering and tent cards for all the lovely food that the hen’s sister whipped up for all of us! It was so much food and so much fun.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend despite the drenching on Sunday!

eat cake

Cheese sticks

food spread



15 thoughts on “Keep calm and eat cake

    1. I’m off to hop around Asia for a few weeks. I’m going over for a wedding and thought it’d be a good opportunity to check out that chunk of the world at the same time.

      Will remember to post some pics of the polish!

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