Sourcing streamer materials

Sourcing streamer materials

When I decided to make my own garland of streamers, I took to the internet to find an ideal tutorial. There are a number of them out there, but a good majority used tissue paper as the main material. I couldn’t bring myself to use tissue paper as I knew it’d be highly likely to tear during the process. Not to mention I wanted these streamers to last past one event.

StreamersI found a tutorial to use plastic sheeting, and I got to thinking about the plastic tablecloths that is often used at parties. I went to my closest Spotlight store and found some plastic tablecloths for somewhere between the $1 to $3 mark. Best of all they come in a great range of colours!

streamersWhile I was at it, I bought myself a rotary cutter (why didn’t I have one of these before?) It made the job *so* much easier.

cutFor the metallic strands, I ended up buying some mylar doorway streamers from an eBay party supplier. These were a little pricier at $16 for a 3ft by 6ft curtain. It was a mistake doing this as I had to cut each strip in half before twisting. I’m not sure if I’d do the same next time. You’d be better off buying some mylar sheeting and attacking it with your rotary cutter instead.

StreamersI am yet to post up the step-by-step tutorial, but I promise I will soon!


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