Online shopping from DJ’s

Online shopping from DJ’s

I’m attempting to be on a spending ban. But I’m not doing very well at it. I don’t think I did myself any favours by logging onto Vogue forums. I found a voucher for David Jones that took off $15 if you spend $50 or more. I’d been meaning to get ONE of the two items, so I guess it’s ok? :S

One of the items I ordered was only available through their warehouse, so I opted for free delivery. I thought the inside of the DJs box was very fancy. I want to keep the box, but have no idea what I’d use it for! Anyway. Here’s what I ended up with.



I got a Tahaa Glasshouse candle, my old one finished weeks ago and I’ve been meaning to repurchase. I needed to get over the $50 mark. Whilst I contemplated a second candle, I spotted some MBMJ stud earrings in gold ON SALE. I ended up paying $32 for the candle, and $28 for the earrings. Surely that’s worth breaking the shopping ban? Or at least that’s what I’ll keep telling myself…


Have you purchased any bargains lately?


20 thoughts on “Online shopping from DJ’s

    1. I love simple studs! And yes. Can’t get enough of these damn candles. I want to try Voluspa but I like Tahaa too much to quit!

      You’re being very disciplined Miss D! I admire it. Xx

    1. Same! If I’m honest their online shopping experience was ATROCIOUS. Horrible. And I mean horrible. I’d much have preferred walking in store to get them, but the voucher wasn’t redeemable in store, nor were the earrings available locally.

  1. I have to say you did an amazing job with those finds!
    I have the same candle and love it and those earrings are classic and I can’t believe they were so affordable! Score I say!

    Hmm, I have not scored any bargains lately. I’m supposed to be on a spending ban too!

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