My introduction to J. Crew

My introduction to J. Crew

US brands are becoming much more accessible with the advent of parcel forwarders. A few months ago, I put together a large haul of stuff, and happened to do some window shopping on the J. Crew website. You really have to wait around for the sales to be good at J. Crew. But when they’re good. They’re really good.

My choices included a few shirts (some from the girls’ department – OOPS). Oh and a one piece swim suit for my upcoming trip! I’m so excited. Anyway. They had another sale up yesterday and I couldn’t resist doing a bit of window shopping. No purchasing for me this time. I’m supposedly on a spending ban. Ahem.

j crew

one. A cute and colourful diamond stripe scarf (AU$73.50).

two. I adore sparkly statement necklaces like this crystal floral garland necklace (AU$130.70).

three. The Saint James for J. Crew Shrunken tee (AU$89.19) is perfect for spring days.

four. A Liberty of London printed pouch (AU$43.00)- I love the  colours and playful patterns.

five. A pencil skirt in pinwheel eyelet (AU$103.90)- feminine and classic.

What have you bought from J. Crew lately?


4 thoughts on “My introduction to J. Crew

  1. I love everything you bought. The last couple of things I bought were a heart print blouse and a red mini skirt. Unfortunately although both hugely cute, neither worked for me, so off to eBay they went. How good would it be if J.Crew opened up shop in Oz?!

    1. Oh thanks! I didn’t buy the stuff in this post though. Window shopping only. Hahahaha! Maybe I’ll do a separate post of what I actually got.

      You are like the eBay queen! I have a couple of things from other stores online that don’t quite fit. Must get motivated to put up on eBay.

  2. I’m recently obsessed with J.Crew as well! My favorites are their vintage v-neck tees, cardigans and flats (just bought 3 pairs a week or so ago)! The key is definitely waiting for a sale. They come often and if you have your eye on something and are patient it typically works out.

    1. Ooohhhh yes. I love the chambray. So so so cute. I’m afraid of buying flats just in case they don’t fit. I’m annoyingly in between sizes.

      I definitely agree. Sales at J. Crew are always great!

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