Confetti-system inspired update.

Confetti-system inspired update.

I thought I owed the blog an update on the DIY project I worked on a while ago. I finished my confetti-system inspired streamers a few months ago now. I hung it up over the TV. Not sure where its final place will be yet. I stuck them up temporarily in the corner. We’ll see if it stays there. I have a feeling this will be donated to the upcoming bachelorette party along with a bunch of flower bombs. Just need to see if it fits the colour scheme.

And of course it wouldn’t be a post without a photo of my manicure. I used a sparkly gold base and stamped over it with a maze-esque pattern from the Winstonia plates.

Confetti system inspired streamers


5 thoughts on “Confetti-system inspired update.

    1. Aw thank you!

      I agree the real ones are made out of tissue paper and cost a fortune. I made mine out of plastic sheeting, so they can be waterproof if I wanted to take them outside too.

      I’m the opposite! I can’t stand having my nails too long. I feel like I get them dirty so easily. I’m such a grub :S

      1. No my nails never grow. I own the poxiest, thinest, weakest nails know to mankind. They just flake, break or peel and leave rough jagged edges and then I never file them and just chew it off. I AM A GRUB!

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