Manicure: Winter blues

Manicure: Winter blues

I remembered to take some pics of my latest stamping adventures the other day. I seemingly have ventured down the blue path with my bags and purses, so in an effort to remain somewhat coordinated, I decided to do a winter blue manicure.

I purchased the Winstonia plates a few weeks ago and have been itching to use more of them. Each plate is seasonal, and so I selected a winter-esque one from the Christmas plate (W120) on the far right.

Winstonia 120

My base colour is Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear in Pacific Blue – this has been my go to blue shade this season. I can’t get over how bright and vibrant the colour is. It borders on a slight purple tinge, which probably explains a little of my bias towards it.
Blue stamp nails

I need a little more practice in stamping on a straight line. Hah. They progressively become a little more angled as you go from left to right. Not sure why that is how it is, but yes. I need to stamp more!Blue stamp nails

I finished off with my usual layer of Seche to make it nice and shiny. I’m debating what my next manicure will be now. I’m leaning towards alternating to a glitter mani now! (AND I’m so glad that it is the last month of winter!)Blue stamp nails


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