Five things

Five things

As I sit here by the balcony sipping my soy latte, I can’t help but think of the ever-growing errand list I have in my diary. But for now I think I’ll take advantage of the calm and do a little bit of blogging about five things that have caught my eye recently.

ONE. Messy plaits are my new obsession. My hair is getting super long and plaits are an easy and efficient way to manage it all. On the plus side it looks super cute, but on the other, I use a helluva lot of bobby pins.

photo 1

TWO. I went to see the lovely P!nk when she was in town the other weekend. It was nothing short of amazing. I love her acrobatic prowess. She never ceases to amaze me. P!nk drew a massive Sydney crowd.

photo 2

THREE. This  installation near the MCA was so mesmerising. I love working near Circular Quay. There are so many different things to explore and discover both at lunch time and after work.

photo 3

FOUR. Working in close proximity to Lindt equates to multiple visits to the chocolatier. I’m loving their seasonal salted caramel hot chocolate for a sneaky afternoon treat. I love admiring their cakes in the window, but hot choc is my weakness.

photo 4

FIVE. This chalkboard outside one of my favourite coffee places. Don’t really think I need to add anything to this photo.

photo 5

Here’s to hoping I knock over some of my to-do list tomorrow!


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