Brunching at Kitchen by Mike

Brunching at Kitchen by Mike

The weekends seem few and far between so I don’t really get much done besides bumming around. It always ends up the same story – morning sleep ins where I get little to nothing done, and before I know it, it’s the start of another work week.

Last weekend I managed to squeeze in some terrarium slash random gardening. My last basil plant turned into a flowering dried plant before it died, and as a consequence spread its seeds into surrounding pots. Little basil plants have since shot up, so I decided it was time to re-pot them. I also made another terrarium with some succulents from the garden.

H and I also managed a trip to Kitchen by Mike. Neither of us are morning people, so it is always a late lunch. This time we got the lamb with cous cous, as well as a quarter chicken with an avocado and black bean salad. I love the idea of a half avocado drenched in soy/black bean. It was absolutely moreish and I quickly craved the other half of the avocado. The lamb was so tender and bursting with flavour too. And that harissa sauce. Oh em gee.

Kitchen by Mike

All I can say is that if you haven’t yet been to Kitchen by Mike, you really need to arrange a time to go! They pride themselves on making tasty, wholesome, responsible food from seasonal ingredients. I love how the menu is forever changing. I adore the salads they have.

Kitchen by Mike

And you can’t go past coffee + cake. They have a great assortment of baked goodies, and of course I want to try them all! In this case I settle for a slice of hazelnut cake with some pretty mean chocolate icing. Love.

Kitchen by Mike

In conclusion. I’m still listening to that Mika song from the last post.


4 thoughts on “Brunching at Kitchen by Mike

  1. Kitchen by Mike is on my hitlist but I haven’t managed to go so far because Rosebery sadly isn’t easy for me to get to. :( I totally encourage you to go try out Gowings, and let me know what you think of it and the deep-fried Gaytime!

    1. Ah yes. I hear you. I think it is about a 15 min walk from Green Square, but I think it might be a bit exxy getting off at that station? Anyway, def keep KbM on your hit list!

      Mmmmm I need to try Gowings + the Norfolk again fosho!!

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