Frankfurt the puglet

Frankfurt the puglet

First up, I gotta say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANK!

So my friends own a pug named Frank, and it’s his birthday this month. To celebrate I thought I’d have a go at making a pug softie. I’ve made other sock creatures and bunnies and bears before, but never a puppy.  I wanted to make it palm sized, so I opted to use some sheets of felt that I had laying around (from when I was *obsessed* with making cases for tech gadgets).

I found a cute basic pattern in one of my books and altered it a little to make it look a little more like Frank. Luckily I had the right colours at home so I didn’t need to buy anything new. He looked very alien until at the very end when I applied the eyes and the nose. Overall I think he’s pretty cute!


Oh and just to emphasize how scary he was prior to getting his appendages.


I’m itching to make the next thing now. What do you think I should make next? (And a pic of the real Frank for some added cuteness.)

Frank the Pug


2 thoughts on “Frankfurt the puglet

    1. Aww thank you :)

      Yes definitely! I’d bought a book with all these palm-sized felt animals and this is the first time I’d used it. I have to say working with felt is so much easier! No need to worry about fraying fabric and such a dream to sew.

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