Getting rid o’ stuff

Getting rid o’ stuff

I’ve been in a major purging slash organising mode at home. I’ve started to sort things into separate piles and boxes. Sadly I’ve only managed to find time to list one sad little item onto eBay. I’ve listed a pair of BNWT Saba wool blend crop pants on eBay. They’re such a luxe fabric, but sadly they are a little big for me so up on eBay they go.

saba ellen pants

I’m sad to have to list my Melissa Maia lace flats. They have such an adorable detail in them. I find Mel flats perfect for those annoying rainy days where it is too light for gumboots, but puddles abound that still manage to drench leather flats. Unfortunately these aren’t quite the right fit for me either.

Melissa Maia

Things are still quite hectic. I don’t envisage it slowing down anytime soon, not until the end of year at least. Speaking of which I need to do some massive planning for the soon-to-happen overseas holiday. Can’t wait! It is all coming up so quickly. I’ve only just gotten around to booking in my leave. Busy busy!


4 thoughts on “Getting rid o’ stuff

    1. Haha with my height these 7/8 pants are more full length! I’m such a shortie. And yeah, I only end up wearing the Melissa shoes when it rains a little. Oh well, here’s hoping someone else will get more use out of them than I!

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