Glasshouse terrarium

Glasshouse terrarium

I have a crazy obsession with candles. Especially Glasshouse candles – I can’t resist how they fill a room with amazing scents after such a short burn time. This means that one candle can last for months in my house.

Fast forward to last week. I finally finished one of my favourite scents, Tahaa (a caramel vanilla) and was left with a pretty glass vessel. I cleaned it out, which was a simple process in itself. Pouring hot water into the jar melts all the wax and brings out all the left over wax. It was as easy as wiping it clean with a tissue.

Glasshouse terrarium

Given my current green thumb craze I thought it’d best to make it into a pretty little terrarium for my succulents. I’m hoping this terrarium will last a little longer than my first attempt.

Glasshouse terrarium

8 thoughts on “Glasshouse terrarium

    1. Thanks :) I adore succulents. I’ve never grown them in a terrarium, but I’ve heard they need covered containers. Hopefully this will last a while! Fingers crossed.

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