Manicure: Orange crush

Manicure: Orange crush

I’m so glad the sun has decided to show up today. That solid week of rain was such a bummer. I’ll admit it was fun to wear the gumboots and stomp in all the puddles (as if I were five again, hah). But coupled with the non-stop rain and freezing cold, it just got exhausting. It just ain’t fun. I picked up a few new polishes from the Priceline sale a few weeks ago. I got some new ones at the Glam Polish sale too, but we won’t talk about that now.

I used Sally Hansen’s Crushed Xtreme Wear stamped with a Konad white polish. The rainy week left me deprived of a warm summer’s day so I thought a little bit of citrus would brighten things up a bit. I’m pretty impressed with Sally Hansen polishes. I wouldn’t have given them a go if it weren’t for the fact that they were down to 2 bucks at the Priceline sales.

Orange manicure

Orange manicure

So insanely obsessed with nail stamping these days. I just wish I had more time in the day week to keep up with how often I change my mind about the patterns. ANYWAY! So glad it is Friday tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great end to the week! Xx


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