Five things

Five things

And once again an entire week flashes before my eyes. I’ve had so much going on at work I’ve barely had time to catch my breath. I had to get up at a crazy ungodly hour of the morning for work (read 2:30am) so that has messed me up since Thursday. Today I slept until close to midday, which was veryveryveryvery welcome.

I think a Five things post is LONG overdue.

ONE. First up is Pic’s REALLY GOOD peanut butter. I found this hiding on the shelf at Thomas Dux. I have had a giant craving for crunchy PB with some soy and linseed toast and this really hit the spot. I picked the no salt option as the salt version had quadrillion times the amount of sodium and I thought I’d be good.

Pic's really good peanut butter

TWO. I’m in love with Martha Stewart craft punches. Especially these around the page ones. Seriously. I have so many of them now after visiting that craft show that was in town last weekend. I need to get cracking on some July birthday cards so it was just perfect timing!

Martha Stewart craft punches

THREE. My green thumb has evolved. I’ve been looking into new and prettier ways of displaying my plants. I made Ferny (as named by the boy) a macrame hanging basket holder. I’m not sure what they’re officially called, but yes. I quite like it. Since Ferny likes humidity it lives in the bathroom for now.

Hanging macrame fern

FOUR. Speaking of my evolving green thumb, I bought some cute little jelly bean succulents for house-warming presents. I’m really digging how very unique and adorable these little things look. I hear they change colour depending on season too.


FIVE. I have a thing for late night baking. I was running on a little over four hours of sleep when I decided to bake some cinnamon scrolls. I’ve had a few requests to post up the recipe, so will do so soon! Keep an eye out :)

Cinnamon buns

Have a fantastic week all! Xx


12 thoughts on “Five things

  1. You were so much more productive with your early morning/late night than I was, ugh that was a horrible one. Oh how I wish we had a Thomas Dux here in Macktown! I went to one with my sister in September last year and had a fresh made juice on the spot whilst browsing the SUPER fresh flowers. Big city envy for sure. I think I need to make a visit to Officeworks because I remembered last night in my pre-sleep moments that I am in love with the Martha Stewart Avery labels and need more…

    1. Hahaha yeah, epic night. I remember my eyes were getting so blurry by the end of the next day. Oooh. I’ve only ever bought groceries from Thomas Dux – if you makes you feel better I’m a little further away from one too… LOVE STATIONERY.

  2. Yes. The recipe please! Every time you post a photo of those scrolls I’m always drooling ! Hahaha

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